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Happy New Year & Looking Forward to New Dreams

I sit here waiting for a large storm to hit the coast and reflect about the happenings over the past twelve months.  Not one to look back and ponder for long, I quickly set my sights on 2012 and new adventures.    Though I don’t usually make conventional resolutions, I’m feeling that the upcoming year may be a year to try some.  I’ve always felt that resolutions were like a list of stuff that could never really be accomplished so then I found myself disappointed by being imperfect (that’s another story!).

2012 is my year to DREAM.  The word is going to be my daily mantra to myself and nothing will stop me from achieving my dreams.


Dreams quote


First Decorating Resolution of 2012:

My dream of living in a sweet little cottage (instead of an old manufactured home) near the sea will be shared on our Beach Cottage Decorating site this year.  It’s not easy converting a manufactured home into a cottage; however I’m dreaming it can be done…and on a tight budget!

I am promising to be better about snapping more photos of the before and after for each project (and we have quite a few).  You’ll be seeing all the gory details of unorganized closets, disastrous floors, craft projects and a Master bath that should be demolished.   I’m also going to keep you updated on all projects when finished or those that never got around to finishing (have NOT been good at that in 2011! Remember my back deck? I forgot about it too).

Hopefully by sharing numerous decorating resolutions with you this month, you’ll keep me accountable! lol!


Dreams quote

If you’d like to join me for some decorating resolutions in 2012 please write a post and what decorating/craft projects for your home you want to complete in 2012 and link it to our upcoming party.

Sharing with Layla and Kevin at The Lettered Cottage!!

The Lettered Cottage

Join us for our 2012 Decorating Resolution blog party

Monday, January 23rd.   


2012 Decorating Resolutions Blog Party January 23, 2012




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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year & Looking Forward to New Dreams

  1. Sally Lee by the Sea Post author

    Thanks, Carolyn. Yep we have two blogs now – one for coastal lifestyle and this one from Beach cottage decorating and home tours. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2012. Glad to see you!!!


  2. Carolyn

    Wow this all looks very exciting. Love the name Beach Cottage Decoratingand looking forward to the party and all you wonderful projects for 2012.
    Carolyn xx

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