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{Beach Cottage Decorating} 6 Small Home Secrets

Thank you, Sunset Magazine!  I found an old article where they shared 6 Small Home Secrets and they are all very doable…yippy.  So many times the tips found in decorating magazines are so expensive and/or huge projects that seem a bit out of reach for the “average Joe.”


Little homes (aka cottages) are so adorable, yet there can be many challenges such as storage and feeling a bit too cramped.   Getting organized and following these tips may just help you in your decorating.

6 Small Home Secrets

1. Paint all the rooms the same light hue. Match flooring and other shared surfaces for a seamless look.


2. Build in storage cupboards with doors and invest in a closet-organizing system.


Source: via Avigail on Pinterest


3. Install inexpensive wall pegs to make cleanup a snap and keep frequently used items at the ready.



4. Choose easy-stow guest seats for living areas.



5. Create several places in the backyard to lounge and entertain―especially if you live in a relatively warm area.



6. Re-evaluate your belongings every few months. Donate, recycle, or discard what’s not needed.


Source: via Oksana on Pinterest



{via Sunset Magazine}

….and a few more tips from Apartment Therapy!


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