Driftwood Grey Color Trend

{Color Palette of the Week} Driftwood Grey

I can’t believe that I am going to type these words on the screen, “I’m a fan of grey paint.”  How did this happen?  Have I been invaded by aliens?

Seriously, I’ve never been a fan, but lately I’m drawn to it.  It’s a strange attraction, however I’m a firm believer that our homes and the colors and designs which we use, are directly inspired by our internal state at the time.   No, I’m not like a big grey cloud or anything, in fact it’s totally opposite!  As time passes, I feel more calm and serene.  This calmness seems to correlate with my love for white,  blue and grey in my cottage.  If this is getting a little “too deep” for you, sorry.  Let’s get back to the color palette this week!



DesignShuffle.com recently stated, “Some were unsure about the grey trend started a few years ago, but it has truly become the go-to neutral for many designers. Grey graces walls, ceilings, cabinetry, floors and furnishings in some of today’s loveliest kitchen and bedroom designs.”

We all know about Pantone’s color of the year (Tangerine Tango in case you didn’t get the memo);  it’s everywhere and everyone is talking about it, however Pantone also recently released its Spring 2012 color predictions to coincide with New York Fashion Week.  There is a wide variety of colors from across the spectrum including Driftwood Grey.  This variety is sure to affect interior designs around the world.

Though Pantone’s Driftwood Grey is definitely darker than I prefer for large walls, it would be okay for small accent pieces in my opinion.  I think of “driftwood” as a lighter grey than they feature.

As you can see, grey can actually be a very soft, soothing color.  Let’s celebrate grey today!












4 Great Products to incorporate grey into your home’s decor!!

Driftwood Grey Color Palette Home Decor

1.  Handmade & handpainted Sugarboo frame from Cottage Coastal

2.  Handmade Batik Decorative Pillow from Beachside Style

3. Blue Grey Whelk Seashell from Beautiful Details

4.  Aged & weathered antique trunk from Our Boat House

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7 thoughts on “{Color Palette of the Week} Driftwood Grey

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  2. Caron

    love you, love the idea of driftwood colors, but after so many years of living in the grey Northwest, I just can’t do it.

    Need color and just a hint of drama in my coastal decorating – kind of like the actual sea!

  3. Michelle

    You know I love driftwood gray, these are gorgeous! I have to say that I don’t really like a whole wall with it but accents are my favorite! I just love the serene feel with the white and then adding aqua or turquoise, well, I love feeling like I am at the sea. :)

  4. Beach Coast Style

    I’m with you Marie. I am having my living area painted a very soft hint of gray as we speak. I love white to, but I thought it would add a great contrast to the dark wood floors without all the starkness of so much white.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. kerrie

    I love grey. I began bringing it into my home a few years ago. Now my color palette throughout is white, grey, dark wood with bits of sand(beige) and sea blues. Most of my artwork is in grey too. I do have alot of driftwood in my home decor and I agree ‘driftwood grey’ is a light, faded, soft grey. I am glad to hear it is still ‘in’ with interior design experts…even though I will keep my home in this palette whether it is or not! I am seeing a trend in the blogworld of ‘being yourself’ and ‘unique’…to not follow the trends but to fill your home with who you are. I like that!

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