{Decorating Resolution – #1} The Ugly Old Carpet

Here we go, boys and girls. My first decorating resolution of 2012 is to remove the ugly old carpet in this cottage of mine!  Not only is it the original brown carpet, which was installed in 1989, but it seems that the previous owner had a kitty cat that liked to use the carpet as a litter box.

Well, I’ve lived here for three years and shampooed all the carpets like 15 times with every known recipe for removing urine and now our three doggy girls have decided to use the same carpet areas as grass.  Embarrassing to admit; but this is the real world! When you have animals they aren’t always perfect.  The poodles like to “tenderize” the carpet too, which has resulted in tiny bare spots and carpet fibers being torn out.  Oh, I almost forgot about the fact that it is stretched out so much under our dining table that we have a lovely big ridge of carpet. Pretty nasty, huh?  Here’s some photos to give you an idea of what we are working with here.


Old Ugly Brown Carpet


Old Ugly Brown Carpet wrinkle under dining table


You may be wondering what we have in mind for this old, stanky carpet of ours (yes, she used the word “stanky” folks!).  Well, money is tight so we are getting creative.  Things that we took into consideration:

1. cost

2. durability for animals

3. cleanability due to lots of beach sand and allergy sufferers in the house

4. something that will create a cottage feel


Here is what we came up with…drumroll, please….plywood plank floors. YES! no?

Yes, plywood! We found a tutorial online at Quarry Orchard’s blog and it looks totally doable.



We then searched for a floor finish which we liked (remember we want a cottage look) and Frugal Farmhouse Design had exactly what we were envisioning.




Their plank floors are also created from plywood; however they used a light grey wash on them…swoon. Just what I want! Even if over time they end up looking like this…


Here are some shades of grey we are considering…do you have a suggestion?



We found the original blue print of our house plan (thank you previous owner) and I darkened the parts to show you the areas where the new flooring will be used. My knees hurt just thinking about it.


House Blue Print


So this is probably going to be the biggest project of the year and we are pricing plywood, figuring out where to move furniture and dispose of old, ugly, icky carpet…all while keeping under $800.00 for 880 sq ft. of living space.  Can it be done? Of course! (keeping fingers and toes crossed!).  I’m off to grab empty boxes and start packing up the living room!

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23 thoughts on “{Decorating Resolution – #1} The Ugly Old Carpet

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  3. Michelle

    These are gorgeous! I saw that idea AFTER I did my floor upstairs, oh well, maybe i can do my kitchen with them. :) I can’t wait to see how everything turns out and I Love the shades of gray.

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  6. Sherry

    I think using plywood is a great idea! We had painted wood floors in a previous beach house and though I
    loved the look they are not for someone looking for perfection. The paint stayed scratched from the sand being brought in and from moving furniture. I would suggest a rug under the dining table since the paint was worn worse here from sliding chairs in and out. Thanks for linking to the Open House party and I look forward to seeing your new floors. xo, Sherry

  7. Lydia Harris

    We did this in our kids’ bedrooms- Looks great & very easy with a nail gun & some patience… I would recommend that you use “Porch & Floor Paint” from your local Blue, Orange or hardware store… Blue has it tint-able to any color you want or it comes in 2 shades of grey. More water-resistant than regular paint and it’s goes on like regular latex.

  8. Sally Lee by the Sea Post author

    Hi Lesli! I’ve actually seen motor homes with real wood floors in them and they are gorgeous so I don’t know why using plywood planks wouldn’t also work – give it a try!

    Thanks for the sweet comment too – always love to hear that we’re inspiring others.


  9. shellagh selee

    Hi there!
    We pulled up nasty carpet in our house about 5 years ago downstairs. (Still have the upstairs to finish!). We found fir planks from antique shipping crates on craigslist. LOVE THEM!! Even though all the flooring “experts” warned us not to! ;) Have you thought about 1×8 or 1×10 pine boards? They even come as wide as 12 inches. Should be about the same price as the plywood but totally sandable for future refinishing. Plus you wouldn’t have to cut them into planks. If I can’t find more fir planks that’s probably what we’ll be doing. Just a thought! :) Good luck!

  10. Judy Thorne

    Because you live on the Washington coast and I live on Puget Sound, we share the same gray days. I love the gray-floor look, but I’d opt for the warmest gray possible. It will make a difference. Looking forward to seeing how your project goes.

  11. Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

    Love the plywood plank floor. I’m having my floors removed from my RV in a few weeks and am curious to see what’s underneath. I’d love to paint them, but it might be particle board, if so, I wondered if I could put plywood planks in and then paint those. Not sure if that’s motorhome viable. Any thoughts on that? Love your blog, by the way… you’re a BIG inspiration to me as I’m just beginning my own coastal blog :)

  12. Coastal Femme

    Wow, this is a great low cost option. I love the looks of a light grey washed planked floor- perfect for a beach house.I’ll be anxious to see them when you’re done.

  13. Sally Lee by the Sea Post author

    I can’t wait to see how the process unfolds too, Cynthia! LOL! The prep work really is a pain but good planning, proper clearing out of everything makes the job so much easier.

    Good luck with the painting project (glad you are getting painters).


  14. Beach Coast Style

    omg!! Marie I love the idea and especially the paint after it has been there for a bit. I think this is going to come out so nicely!

    I am going to paint my living area and tv area in my house! Yes, I have been painting it for 12 years…so it’s about time for me to get it done. The painting starts in about 2 weeks. I have to have painters because the areas are too high for me to try and do it. And there is just too much prep work.

    Good Luck! I can’t wait to see the whole process unflold!

  15. Lo

    I am looking at pulling up carpet this year too, and hopefully not too far into the year either ! I am over carpet ! We only have it in our dining room and bedrooms….the rest of the house is floorboards. I cannot wait to not have to worry about carpet which is ageing and needs continuous cleaning ! I think these floorboards you have found look fabulous ! And I even LOVE them with the worn out look…..adds character ! Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out x

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