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{Decorating Resolution #2} Pantry, Closet, Organization & Chalkboard Paint!

Wow, I must admit that my decorating resolution #2 has been tough.  Tough because I’m focused on decorating resolution #1 AND the fact that I must show you the horrible condition of some of my closets.  2012 is all about being real so I snapped a couple of photos of the interior of my kitchen pantry and the worst of our hall closets.  I seriously don’t know how it happened and they have been cleaned and organized numerous times yet they continue to pile up, get stuff shoved into them in a disorderly fashion…ugh.

So let’s start with the exterior of the pantry. You may recall that we repainted our kitchen white last Spring but we never got around to doing anything with the pantry.  My resolution is to paint the door with chalkboard paint so that I don’t have to have notes with magnets stuck all over the fridge.

Here’s the pantry door as it looked this morning…pretty boring, huh?


Old pantry door


This is what I’d like it to look like, nothing too fancy, but it will really finish off the kitchen.


Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


This is the hubby’s favorite door and he thinks we could create it with some scrap lumber!




You can see what we’re going for on the outside, but what are we going to do about this on the inside of the kitchen pantry?


Disorganized Kitchen Pantry


This is what I’d like my pantry to look like.  A bit better, isn’t it? Jars, baskets, wood crates, organization – YES!





But what about this calamity of a linen closet!?! It is stuffed with table clothes, candles, light bulbs, a sewing machine, a navigational chart – eh gads!


Inside linen closet


Here’s some photographic ideas for this fiasco.


Source: via Arlene on Pinterest


Source: via Kay on Pinterest

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 Suggestions?  Are you an organizational genius – is there any help for me?


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12 thoughts on “{Decorating Resolution #2} Pantry, Closet, Organization & Chalkboard Paint!

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  4. Michelle

    Ok I have to laugh because that is EXACTLY what mine look like!! I am not even kidding! I don’t like our pantry, it is narrow and deep and I can never find anything in it (I am pretty sure that I have 8 of everything). So I don’t have any suggestions for you cause they would be bad. LOL! I can’t wait to see what you have done and i love the chalkboard door idea, it is going to look beautiful!
    Have fun!

    I am liking those maps I see you have in your closet there. :)

  5. Lisa

    I get so much inspiration when I visit. I’ve had the side of a cupboard waiting for blackboard paint. This just might be the week. Love the linen cupboards featured. We keep most of our pantry items in a band of drawers, and I use the pantry cupboard for dishes. Our baking dishes are in big wire baskets that can be pulled out. If you can pull things out drawer-like (such a the containers Kathy referred too, it really makes things easier.

  6. Kathy

    Sure love the idea of the blackboard door. That would be so handy to write things on especially when you run out of something. As far as the pantry those are always tough to keep together. One thing that I found that is a antique I believe is those metal boxes with covers. Hard to explain but the kind they had in old farm houses that are white with a color trim. They are handy for keeping bags of flour or anything that is small. You could stencil what is in the container. Hope it helps.

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