Sunny Pink Outdoor Dining

Sunny Pink Outdoor Dining

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and pink is on our mind.  What better way to celebrate pink than with pink bouganvillea and an adorable brick patio from California?

On the brick patio of a tiny California bungalow, designer Krista Ewart kept the mood fresh and playful to match the decor inside. A white 1960s lawn furniture set is perked up with a pink patterned tablecloth.” ~ House Beautiful


Sunny Pink Outdoor Dining

{via House Beautiful}


Partying with Beverly at Pink Saturday!!



7 thoughts on “Sunny Pink Outdoor Dining

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  2. April R

    That is sooo pretty! I want to be there sipping tea and reading a book!
    Thanks for sharing…hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. LaVoice

    I have several of these pretty flowers in baskets. I have petted all winter. Hoping they will still be blooming in the spring. Nothing prettier.

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