Removing carpet staples

Carpet Removal…the Chaos has begun!

That’s right, the official carpet removal begun over the weekend!  We are officially living in a construction zone with furniture and boxes of knick knacks piled high.

The hubby & I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary by cutting out carpet from the living room.  Well, he got together the tools and I actually did the work (he is recovering from surgery a few weeks ago) but that’s okay…we were there together and he is great moral support.

Cutting the old carpet


What do you actually need to remove old nasty carpet, you ask?  Face masks, knee pads, carpet knives, large trash bags and gloves.  To make the job manageable, I cut the carpet into strips about 18″ wide, rolled each up and placed into trash bags.  Trust me, this is WAY easier than removing dirty carpet all in one big bundle (been there, done that).


Removing carpet

Once all the carpet and carpet pad had been removed we could see the real damage that the sub-floor had endured.  Even though there are some stains from urine there were no soft spots – yeah!


Removing carpet

There was a TON of sand and dirt on the sub-floor (the carpet has been here since 1989) which we swept and vacuumed up before moving onto the next step.  This just proves that carpet and a beach house don’t work together!

Sand & dirt under the carpet pad


Dirt in the Vacuum - icky!


Next step — needle nose pliers and a paint can opener (yes, really) plus a hammer were used to pop out as many of the staples as possible.  Most carpet pads are stapled down…what a thankless job! ugh.


Removing carpet staples


I’m starting on removing the tack strips from around the edges today so please wish me luck with that, and trying to find a place to sit down for dinner, LOL!

If you missed the original post, check it our here… Decorating Resolution #1: Ugly Old Carpet

ugly old carpet - after



7 thoughts on “Carpet Removal…the Chaos has begun!

  1. kerrie

    Maria, I was shopping in your Del Mar shop and found some things I would like to get but I seem to have misplaced my gift code(the one I won for my Sea Christmas tree). I know you are busy so no hurry, just when you have time can you send me the code. Thanks Kerrie

  2. Judy Schlotman

    How are the knees? We have to do this at my in-laws and at our house….keep up the inspiration, I really need it.

  3. kerrie

    That does look like hard work. Our carpet is only 6 yrs. old and I want to rip it out!!! Yours has been there since 1989? yikes. Scary. I’m hoping this year or next we can put down the Pergo white wash floors that we want. Can’t wait to see yours when its all done.

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