Driftwood coat rack

{Cottage Bedroom} Wall of Hats: From Drab to Fab!

We are a family of hat wearers…that’s right, we have gardening hats, beach walk hats, hats for both men and women.  We love scarves too, but don’t get me started on that! lol! We find that especially in the warmer months that we wear one or more every day.  They took up too much room in the top of our closet so a few nails tacked into our bedroom wall ended up becoming a wall of hats.

The before photograph (pretty drab and boring in my opinion…)

Cottage Bedroom Before


After a quick re-do and a handmade driftwood coat rack,  it’s a bit more interesting.  Better? The little red trunk was scavenged from my father-in-law many years ago, we think it is from the 1940’s.   The chair needs to be re-upholstered (on the “to-do” list) so I added a Vintage Holland sack which I recently acquired from Etsy.  The photograph of Queen Anne’s Lace is from Ikea and our hats are both decorative and useful; my favorite way to decorate!

Cottage Bedroom Organization of hats


The ugly brown carpet remains in the bedroom; but what do you think of the Driftwood Coat Rack that I made??  Yep, I made it in about 30 minutes, start to finish.

Materials List:

  • Old weathered board from beach
  • Hammer
  • Wire brush
  • Tape Measure
  • Old rusty 16 penny nails ( 3½” long)
  • 2 sawtooth hangers with little nails

Driftwood Wall Rack


After your driftwood is thoroughly dry then use a metal brush to clean it up.  Measure where you’d like your nails to be and nail them deep enough into the wood so that they are sturdy enough to hold the things you’d like to hang up.


Driftwood coat rack


Figure out the best place to attach your saw tooth hangers to on the back.  Since it’s driftwood the boards aren’t always even so check and double check your placement of the hangers.   Hang it and enjoy! The little bunch of dried lavender is from our gardenast summer and the crochet bag is my go-to bag for Spring/Summer.


Hang it up to make more room!


Little treasures decorate the top of our Vintage Trunk.  The rusty metal on the trunk matches the old nails I used to make the coat rack.


Little treasures atop our vintage trunk


A reminder photo of the “Before & After” of the wall.  We certainly like it better; although I might still move the hats around a bit…we’ll see.  I’m always moving stuff around LOL!


Before and After Bedroom Wall

freckled laundry



10 thoughts on “{Cottage Bedroom} Wall of Hats: From Drab to Fab!

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  3. Jami (freckled laundry)

    I love it. I thought the before picture was lovely until I scrolled down a little more to the refined gorgeousness! I love the driftwood and extra details. I’m always moving things around too, including the furniture. My husband said he prays that he never loses his eyesight because my home is no place for a blind man. hehe! I think your current hat arrangement is absolutely fine though! I’ll be featuring this tonight. xo Jami

  4. Judy Schlotman

    Hi Marie,
    Love your wall decor. The hat rack is just right. Love your comment about moving things around…I do that a lot, lol. The little trunk is just wonderful.

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