Eclectic Dining Room by Victoria of SF Girl by the Bay

Mix it Up to Refresh Your Space

That’s right – mix things up a bit to refresh your space!  Do you have some modern accent which could use a bit more personality?  How about giving your cherished antiques a freshening up?     It’s easy….mix the styles together.  You will create immediate interest.

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Vintage industrial lighting in a natural kitchen setting adds drama to the hub of the home. Modern finishes of granite, stainless and white woods only complement the antique elements above. ~ Kerrie L. Kelly Interiors



The chalkboard, flowers, and wood floors provide a vintage feel yet the white propeller chairs and bookcase are quite modern. Victoria, the original SF Girl by the Bay, really knows how to mix it up!

The below living room is classified as contemporary yet it has a gorgeous vintage settee which has been reupholstered and old frames on the wall.  It looks like a milk glass dish on the little side table too.

Below is our favorite example of mixing it up! The modern office chair is burnt orange, fresh white paint on the desk and a vintage tablecloth was used as a curtain.

Fresh shiny industrial pendants, a mix of chairs that include Bertioa wire side chairs, a farm table, Arts and Crafts wood trim and loads of natural light creates a vintage modern look. ~ Becky Harris,

I’m sure you get the idea.  So….are you ready to mix it up???



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