Shingled Beach House

Setting up a seaside holiday home

Some of us are lucky enough to own a cottage by the sea. As well as it being a great place for you to escape to for the weekend, it can also be a way of earning some extra cash, or at least to help cover the expense of owning it.


Shingled Beach House


You can rent your little cottage as a holiday home to other people. Now you may look around it and think that it has not got enough space or a big enough garden or the right facilities, but believe me, all most people look for in a holiday cottage is somewhere that is clean, conveniently located and reflects the price they pay to stay there.



Of course, there are many dream holiday homes with direct access onto golden sands, but not everyone has the budget for that. Some people prefer more modest accommodation as it means they’re not paying to stay somewhere just because it looks like it’s straight out of Homes and Gardens magazine.

All you need to do is make sure it has everything a family will need when staying on a self-catering holiday. Decent beds and a sofa that doesn’t fall apart every time you sit down on it is a good start. Try not to use hand me down furniture – you can furnish a small place really quite reasonably.

One thing you ought to provide is a place for visitors to sit down and eat. A cheap dining table and chairs doesn’t have to be poor quality. So many retailers are competing for our cash these days that the prices become quite competitive. You just need to spend some time shopping around – both on the high street and online to get the best deal. Harveys has a whole range of furniture to suit different styles and budgets – have a look on the website and see if it inspires you.



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    That’s really a relaxing place for the whole family! Choosing just the furniture in your price point is feasible, make sure that furniture should be matching together the rest of holiday home’s flow of decor indoor and outdoor.

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