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Things to Include When Designing a Beach Getaway

When you are designing your beach getaway you should include enough bedrooms to sleep guests, have extra storage space and have a wet area for people to use when they come back from the beach.

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Kit homes  make fantastic beach houses because they are a cost effective way of building a home and many people can’t afford to spend a lot on a holiday home.   If you are building a beach home keep in mind that you don’t won’t be living there all the time so you won’t need all the luxuries of home.  It is, however, likely that you will have more people visiting and coming down to stay with you, and you will be likely to entertain a lot more, so consider building extra rooms for guests.  You should also have some sort of patio area outdoors for barbecues and entertaining friends.



Don’t put up with living out of a suitcase while you are at your beach house.  Instead have enough storage so you can unpack your suitcases and put them out of the way and room for guests to put their things too.   Have enough cupboards or walk in robes and have enough storage for extra things that don’t fit at your normal place of residence.  You will find it will come in handy.  It is also a good idea to have storage for beach towels, beach toys and all the other things you like to have while on holidays, such as books, sunscreen, spare bathers, thongs, sarongs, hats and a good beach umbrella.



Wet area

One of the best things you can have in a beach house is a wet area.  This is really handy for when you come back from the beach covered in sand and salt water and you can easily rinse off under a shower.  You will be able to get rid of the sand rather than walking it through the main house.  You might want to extend your laundry area so you can use it both as a laundry and the wet area.  This way you won’t have to build on an extra room.



Plenty of bedrooms

When you build your home make sure you have a few extra bedrooms for visiting friends and family or at least enough beds in each room.  One of the best things about having a beach house as a kid is being able to take a friend down for the holidays so have a kids bed room with two or three bunk beds in it.  You should also have an extra spare room with a double bed and in the lounge room have a couch that folds out into a bed for those extra guests.



Entertainment area

Make your beach home great for entertaining by choosing a kit home that is more open plan.  Make sure that the cook isn’t shut away from the rest of the party by incorporating the kitchen into this open area.  Also have an area outside to entertain with either a veranda or patio where you can keep the barbecue, some outdoor furniture and even an outdoor heater for those colder nights.





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  1. Susan Howes

    Wonderful photos and ideas for the beach getaway or home.
    We are moving to Savannah/Tybee Ga. this summer and so I am gathering up items and inspirations for our new home.

    Thank you for a great post!!



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