Beach Bathroom Crush

A Beach Bathroom Crush

We must confess that we look through a LOT of photos of beach bathrooms, homes, beach cottages, beach kitchens and baths and…. you get the idea. This beach bathroom caught our eye and we’ve got a bit of a crush on it.  Maybe it’s just the XO towels!

Bathroom contemporary bathroom

Love it?  Hate it?  What’s your thoughts?



3 thoughts on “A Beach Bathroom Crush

  1. Donna Parsley

    Loveeeeee it! Hehe. I was thrilled when is saw that starfish mirror. This kind of idea would be very useful for those who have a beach condo rental. I can probably suggest this to my friend, Maya, who is recently remodeling her beach condo. By the way, did you know that a starfish symbolizes deep, divine love?

  2. Kathryn De La Rosa

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m working onn my first shell mirror & wish I had seen this before. All star fish is so elegant & a powerful statement. Maybe I’ll do one for another room like this.Kathryn

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