Beach House Tour San Juan Islands

Beach House Tour | San Juan Islands Retreat

The  San Juan Islands are part of the U.S. state of Washington (our home sweet home).  There are 172 islands in the archipelago, some little more than rocks, and there are over 300 miles of shoreline.  Six islands are accessible by passenger ferry and they are an important tourist destination.  Sea kayaking and orca whale-watching are popular attractions.


San Juan Islands


The islands are famous for their resident pods of Orcas; marine mammals including the River otter , Steller sea lions , Common minke whalesDall’s porpoise and other cetaceans.  These beautiful islands feature many vacation homes including today’s beach house tour; which is actually much more than just a house – it’s a compound!




The architects of the Nettly Wood compound made sure that it provided a place to come together as a family and several ways to retreat into small personal spaces.  The main house has four public areas which are arranged along a central axis – the kitchen, dining room, living room, and den.    The compound also features a master cabin, writer’s hut, guest cabin, barn, and picnic shelter – what more would you need?

Main Cabin Exterior

Main Cabin traditional exterior

Main Cabin Interior

Main Cabin traditional family room


Main Cabin traditional hall

Main Cabin traditional family room

traditional family room design by seattle architect Bosworth Hoedemaker

“With an aesthetic that is at once both modern and timeless, our designs reflect a sense of place and emphasize the use of natural light and the relationship of the building to the landscape.” Which is probably exactly how anyone touring the San Juan Islands vacation home called Nettly Wood would describe the place. It is a home that is rich with expansive, inviting spaces to share — the dining area, the picnic shelters, acres of porches — and sprinkled with nooks that create mini-sanctuaries nearby.

“The client wanted a property where they could escape individually and collectively that provided the space for each of them to have their own space but that invited them all to gather for meals and shared activities,” says Steve Hoedemaker of Bosworth Hoedemaker.

Writer’s Hut

Writers Hut traditional home office

Stone counter tops are meant to wear with time.

Main Cabin traditional kitchen

traditional kitchen design by seattle architect Bosworth Hoedemaker

Main Cabin traditional dining room

traditional dining room design by seattle architect Bosworth Hoedemaker

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Cabin traditional bedroom


Guest Cabin Bath

Guest Cabin traditional bathroom


Guest Cabin traditional bathroom

Main Cabin traditional exterior


Picnic Shelter traditional patio

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  1. Danielle Black

    This is fabulous! As I live in the Northwest, it is so nice to see a Northwest inspired beach house. It has that rough and rugged spirit which we love around here.

    great post.

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