Polynesian Petals Candles for sale

Coastal Hot Pick! Tropical Scented Candles

If you don’t live in a tropical paradise, then why not fragrance your beach home so it at least smells like you’re on a tropical isle?

Coconut palms, island lotus, lemongrass coconut, hula moon and mango sunrise are just a few of the candle fragrances which Makai Candle Co. creates for your enjoyment.

Makai Candles for sale


The Makai Candle Company hopes that you’ll light one of their handcrafted candles, close your eyes and breathe deeply and find yourself just steps away from the salty surf, a moment away in paradise…

Sea Grass Dunes Candle Scent: “Hike to your secret beach spot where cool waters surround fresh green seagrass while the waves lap at the shore to meet the sand. This scent is light and fresh.”

Seagrass Dunes Scented Candles


Polynesian Petals Candle Scent: “Tropical plumeria sway in the gentle breeze and mingle with wild honeysuckle in this phenomenal island floral.  If you love the scent of true plumeria, this one is for you. A Makai bestseller!”


Polynesian Petals Candles for sale


Makai Candle Co. ~ Tropical Scented Candles

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