Pink Sea Anemone Color Palette

Color Palette: Pink Sea Anemones

Pink sea anemones have become a feminine and comforting color palette.  The color pink comes in lots of hues; ripe-peach pink, bubble gum pink, hot Caribbean pink and they each have their own appeal and psychological effects.

In many places, the color pink is seen as a feminine; however refined and sophisticated versions of the color pink have been used in European interior design for centuries, for both men and women.

In its lighter tints it is delicate and serene, while the mid-tones are playful yet very romantic. Take pink a little deeper and it transforms into fuchsia, a color that is sexy and exotic.  Generally, when used in interior design, the psychological effect of the color pink is described as soothing and comforting.

Sea Pink Color Palette made with Chip It!


Kauai Residence - Hawaii tropical bedroom

Ocean Escape Girls Bedroom  bedroom

bedroom design by portland interior designer Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Girls Room contemporary kids


Thomas Paul Tea Towel, Miami eclectic dishtowels

Lagoon Residence eclectic living room

Over the Top Dining Room eclectic dining room

Living Room traditional living room

Modern chairs contemporary patio




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