Shelled Tones Color Palette

Color Palette: Shelled Tones

The “shelled tones” color palette from is a balance between warm and cool hues.  I have to admit that I am really into a “blue” phase in my life.  Blue as in peaceful, calming, healing not blue as in a sad mood.  It’s hard to not select, yet another, blue color palette this week but I did it.

Some of the room interiors which feature colors from this palette come across as quite dramatic.  Although I’m not into the dramatic (at least not in my decorating) I can certainly appreciate the richness found in the salmon and rust hues.  Of course, I love the light blue and white in the palette.




romantic guest room eclectic bedroom

Hawaii contemporary bedroom

Guest Bedroom traditional bedroom

Colorful Ranch eclectic bedroom

What do you think about this week’s color palette?



One thought on “Color Palette: Shelled Tones

  1. Coastal Femme

    Like you, blue and white are my favorites for the main spaces in my home, but I would like to incoporate some coral in smaller areas and I do love various shades of tan in a beach home.

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