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Decorating with Sea Urchins!

We’re talking about the unique sea creature, sea urchins, on our coastal lifestyle blog today.  Sea urchins have spines that protect them from predators. However, it is mostly the hard outer shell, from which the spines have usually broken off, that is found washed up on beaches.  The wide array of colors available can match just about any beach house  scheme!

Sea urchins can be used by simply placing them into a bowl or check out all the products we found which are made from sea urchins. It’s truly amazing how creative people are. (click on product name for information).





Sea Urchin Candle Holder from Beautiful Details by the Seashore



Sea Urchin and Coral Picture Frame from Beautiful Details by the Seashore



Double Sea Urchins and Air Plant from Beautiful Details by the Seashore


Blue Vintage Inspired Framed Print of Beach Girls from Sea Shells by Sea Shore


Source: via Marie of Sally Lee by the Sea on Pinterest

Set of 3 Small Pink Sea Urchins from Sea Shells by Sea Shore

Urchin Photograph – 10X10 Urchin Print from Machel Spence Photography



Porcelain Sea Urchin Bud Vase Oil Candle from Blue Room Pottery



Set of 3 Alfonso Sea Urchins from Boutique de la Mer



Are you a fan of using Sea Urchins in your decorating?


Leave us a comment and tell us how you use them!



5 thoughts on “Decorating with Sea Urchins!

  1. Kathryn De La Rosa

    I Have thousands of urchins favorite only to star fish,sand dollars & abalone shells. Since my urchins are so many I have done a huge wreath, a Xmas tree with urchin snowmen in a beautiful iridescent glitter shower, a Christmas tree out of nothing but urchins, a huge mirror, countless picture frames & many gift wrap projects.I am starting some soft teal charger plates rimmed with small urchins which could prove more trying as small ones are harder to find but worth the effort.Plus my next project after that is stamping napkins to match. Kathryn

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