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Front porch for your beach house: Make it look welcoming

Transforming the drab front porch of your beach house can make it look more appealing and cozy. The front of your beach house is a focal point so it needs to capture the look that is most welcoming to you and your friends. Instead of having the front porch all cluttered with sand buckets, worn out chairs and tools you can transform the look with just a few ideas. This will not only provide you with a space for relaxing on evenings with friends but also recreational area for your family.

Tidy up the porch area

First of all, clear your porch area of all the junks and clutters which have been accumulated. Sort out the items that you will require for the porch and throw away those that you do not need for recycling. Next you need to give a thorough cleaning which means sweeping and swopping the dirt away. Use a hose pipe to give a good washing over in areas which you cannot clean. Clean the window panes and let them dry thoroughly.

Home Farm 1 traditional porch


Paint your porch

To recreate the whimsical beach cottage look, you can start off by painting the floor of the porch area. If you have wooden flooring then you can use contrasting colors of the ocean in wide stripes, or use more subtle colors of your choice. Make sure that your floor is given light sanding before you start painting. Capture the movement of the calm ocean or anything that will set the mood for the beach front porch. You can use stenciled design with concrete paints if your floor is of concrete. You can even paint in a sea design rug in the middle of your porch or just simply place a solid color rug in the middle.


bay head beach house renovation traditional exterior


Comfortable furniture

If you have some old wicker furniture, clean them out nicely and give a good coating of varnish to give it a new sparkle. You can place some bamboo furniture as well and can paint them in the color of your choice. You can leave them bare of coloring and add some ocean colored cushions to create a cool look. If you are buying new furniture, then make sure that you have the correct measurements to suit the dimension of your porch area. Place a small wicker or light wooden table in the middle of the sitting space. Try not to clutter the room with too many furniture. Give it some element of space by placing only required furniture.


Bountiful contemporary porch


Accessorizing and color palettes

You can accessorize by hanging some jute wall art or incorporating seaside collectibles for a more natural look. If you want to go a little more surreal, then choose metal wall art or fish form art for the walls. You can even hang hurricane lamps here and there or put up some soft miniature lights grouped together in one area. Choose colors that echo the tranquil feeling of the ocean which should complement well with your chosen accessories.


Mister Crab Wood Sign by Slippin Southern eclectic artwork

The nautical colors are white, navy and khaki and for a more fun color you can choose from yellow, turquoise and white. For a more serene feel you can choose white, aqua and green shades.

You can add the finishing touch by placing some tropical flowers and plants around the porch area. The end result will depend upon your own creativity and taste in putting the ideas together.

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