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    Posted on March 20, 2012 by in Beach Cottage Decor
    Put on a big hat, pour yourself a Pimm’s, and crank up the old Victrola.  British Colonial style encompasses a wide range of design elements and furnishings, from the Caribbean to the Far East, India, Africa and even Hong Kong. All share the influence of far-flung places conquered by the British as they marched around the globe – importing their culture and shipping exotic finds home.

    All pillows featured are created by Kerry Ann and Layla of Pillow Folly.

    The English also adopted fabrics, such as lighter cottons and linens, in the tropical places they were grown. Linen or mattress ticking slipcovers covered the heavy furnishings and protected them from the dust that filtered in through open windows in the heat. Interiors in the tropics were light and airy, punctuated by the occasional floral chintz or mahogany chest from England; linen and cotton clothing replaced wool.  Local craftsmen printed fabrics with themes designed for the European marketplace – toile scenes, botanicals, and tree of life prints were exported from the colonies back home and became popular reminders of the adventurer’s journey.
    British Colonial with a Caribbean flair – early travelers brought back palm trees, parrots, and pineapples. Add some tropical flair to your four-poster bed or leather sofa for that “back from the West Indies” look.

    Learn more about British Colonial Style at Posh Interior Design.  


    “Our desire to help make your home fun, stylish, cozy, warm, artful, interesting, relaxing and full of personality has lead to the creation of Pillow Folly.

    It’s about our passion for fabrics, and wanting to share that passion. It’s for all of us who can’t resist pretty things. We are not a big manufacturer – we’re just two moms with a small design shop by the coast. Our products are not made overseas; we’re creating jobs for locals in small-town South Carolina who have families to support. We’re out of the rat race, and we want to keep it that way; we want to make your life beautiful by throwing a little Pillow Folly into it!

    The bits and pieces we collect for our homes express our uniqueness, our substance, our style and our story. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve gathered here, and that our designs may become a part of your story.

    All of the pillows are designed by us and made in our workrooms right here in the southeast. We use new and vintage fabrics, and most of the pillows are made in small numbers. The selection is ever-changing, so we encourage you to check back often.”

    ~ Kerry Ann & Layla, PillowFolly.com

    Kerry Ann and Layla of Pillow Folly



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