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Eclectic Seaside Escape Master Bedroom

Beach House Tour: An Eclectic Seaside Escape


We’re traveling to British Columbia, Canada for this week’s Beach House Tour.  The home is located on Saltspring Island of the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia between mainland British ColumbiaCanada and Vancouver Island. The home elegantly mixes Cape Cod with French Provincial style plus a touch of the Middle East thrown in too!

The 3,800-square-foot home, which is just 30 feet wide, sits steps from the the Crofton-Vesuvius ferry terminal on Saltspring Island.  The owners’ vision was to create a French provincial beach house with elements of Cape Cod.  Narrow French doors and side windows give the family room a European flavour. Raw cotton drapes were bought off  “the back of a camel” in Uganda.  The spacious master bath has a boathouse ceiling under the engineered truss ceiling.

 Seaside Home Exterior

Eclectic Seaside Escape Exterior


Eclectic Seaside Escape Patio

Living Room

Eclectic Seaside Escape Living Room


Eclectic Seaside Escape Kitchen

“We wanted it to have a seaside feel, but be in a more European fashion,” said Andrea.

Eclectic Seaside Escape Kitchen Built In Spice Rack

Family Room

Eclectic Seaside Escape Family Room

Master Bedroom

Eclectic Seaside Escape Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Eclectic Seaside Escape Master Bath

Shower Room

Eclectic Seaside Escape Shower Room

Dock for Swimming in the Bay

Eclectic Seaside Escape - Dock for Swimming in the Bay

Read more:

Photographs by: Debra Brash, Times Colonist

Nautical Chic Blue Living Room

What’s Your Color Personality?


This quiz was so much fun to take, even though the results were exactly as I imagined.  What’s Your Color Personality is a short series of questions on Better Homes & Gardens website which will help you discover your personality…in color!  Once you’ve discovered which personality you have, you have the opportunity to download a .pdf file for your color.

My Color Personality is:  Nautical Blue

Vibrant and refreshing, this palette of nautical blues was inspired by the sea, but the timeless hues can morph into new personalities when paired with different accent colors. Try grays and greens for a beachy look, or cottage chic when paired with yellows.”

It’s kind of scary how dead on this is.  Here are some photos of Nautical Blue…my color personality!

Source: via Linda on Pinterest











Click to find out “What’s Your Color Personality?

Walrus Chair

Love It or Hate It? Walrus Chair


Spanish designer, Maximo Riera, creates sculptural seating; which I’m honestly not really sure I appreciate.  The walrus chair featured today is the third in a series of seating.  The walrus accompanies his  Octopus Chair and Rhino Chair.  The series of chairs retain the vitality of the animals which they represent, staying true to their biology and appearance.  I’m just not sure I’d feel comfortable sitting on a walrus, let alone an octopus!

Walrus Chair


Walrus Chair


Walrus Chair



Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera


The octopus is even MORE disturbing in my mind BUT what do YOU think?

Love it or Hate it?




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Nautical Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Planning the Perfect Nautical Bedroom


A strong and increasingly popular trend in both fashion and interior design, the nautical theme is one that can be easily recreated in any bedroom.

Bedroom eclectic

eclectic spaces design


If you’re looking for a design theme with a fresh yet calming feel, then nautical is the way to go and it is very easy to create for yourself.

To create the perfect nautical bedroom, the first thing you need to do is get the colour scheme right. Nautical themes should be all about blues, whites and creams, with a splash of sunshine yellow and aquatic green here and there.


Lettered Cottage Guest room traditional bedroom

traditional bedroom design by media and blogs The Lettered Cottage


There are several ways you can go about featuring these colours in your bedroom. You might want to find some new painted bedroom furniture in nautical colors or you might prefer to repaint existing furniture in colours that reflect the nautical theme.

If you choose to repaint your existing bedroom furniture, rather than buying new bedroom furniture, choose colours that reflect the nautical theme; think the seaside, beaches and sailing, and choose paints in blues, whites and yellows.


Mediterranean mediterranean bedroom

mediterranean bedroom design by little rock interior designer Tobi Fairley


Be careful not to chip or spoil your painted furniture once you have finished, by allowing the paint to dry thoroughly. And bear in mind that you can combine repainted furniture with some new items to create a great bedroom that doesn’t cost the earth but still looks like it’s had a makeover.

As well as choosing colors and furniture which reflect the nautical theme, you can add finishing touches with patterns and designs inspired by sailing and the sea. For example, anchor wallpaper or carpeting can create a wonderfully nautical feel.


RGN Construction contemporary bedroom

contemporary bedroom design by seattle general contractor RGN Construction

You can also top off the nautical look in your bedroom by picking up individual and quirky items from second hand stores or online, such as compasses, globes and maps – think Pirates of the Caribbean or Hook and add some fun elements to your bedroom’s interior!


Nautical Boys Room traditional kids

traditional kids design by detroit home staging The Yellow Cape Cod

Have a great day!



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Coastal Chic Family Room with Green walls

Color Palette: Puffin Tones


My mother was completely and totally in love with Puffins.  They are pretty adorable, aren’t they?  When I found this color palette (from our delightful friends at I knew this was the palette inspiration for the week.  The challenge is going to be room inspiration photos which incorporate these tones…can it be done? hmmmm….let’s see what I can come up with for you!


Let’s start with the lovely shade of gray – this kitchen does it well!

kitchen and baths traditional kitchen

The green hue is a mossy green and here is a good example of the color painted on walls:

Coastal Chic Family Room with Green walls

The deep and dramatic Plum Brown color looks great when balanced with the white bedding and shutters.

Bedroom traditional bedroom

The forever classic, White paint!  The paint in this room is  Sherwin Williams Extra White 7006.

Rough Hollow Parade Home 2010 contemporary dining room

And last, but certainly not least, how about some Outgoing Orange paint color?

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. contemporary dining room

So, let’s mix it up! Here is a room with greyish lavender walls and pops of gorgeous orange!

Guest bedroom eclectic bedroom

How about this eclectic living room with green walls and orange couch?

LAS VEGAS Home contemporary living room

I personally prefer this room with the white walls and pops of color in the furnishings:

This living room is fun, modern yet cozy.  I could sit down and put my feet up for a while!

Living Room  living room

Mom had pretty great taste!  Though this palette isn’t for everyone, it does add a certain bit of fun with it’s bright orange.  

I’m progressing on our floor’s…started the whitewashing and it is quite what I was looking for.  I’m putting my thinking cap on and going to figure it out though!  Hope you’re doing well on your projects this week.


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Nautical porch design

Perfect Furnishings for a Holiday Cottage


When you buy a holiday cottage, it can be nice to decorate and furnish it totally differently from the way you decorate your main home. For instance, if your holiday place is by the sea, you can go all out with nautical décor, or go for a really natural beachcombing look.


Woodmeister Master Builders - WestWind contemporary bedroom

contemporary bedroom design by boston general contractor Woodmeister Master Builders


It’s often appropriate, too, as holiday places tend to be smaller and designed to be more open-plan than you find in a bigger home. For instance, the living room and kitchen room in a holiday home can often be in the same room, with a space for a dining area as well.  And to increase the feeling of spaciousness, it’s a good idea to use the same colours throughout the whole of the room and make sure that all the furniture you choose complements the rest nicely.


Kitchen eclectic kitchen

eclectic kitchen design by atlanta interior designer Liz Williams Interiors

You don’t have to spend a great deal of money to have a really nice looking holiday home. It’s often better to buy all the furniture from the same store, so that you can get matching ranges and also you may be able to ask for a better discount if you’re buying in bulk.

For example, Harveys sofas are sold with ranges of furniture such as display cabinets and tv stands that will look good alongside the sofas. You can also check that you’re not buying too big a sofa, compared with the furniture that you’re going to put around it.


Get Fresh This Spring

other design by seattle media and blogs


It’s also easy to find a cheap dining table and chairs that will go nicely in any home. Don’t be afraid not to buy cheaper items, just because they’re economical doesn’t mean necessarily that the quality is low. There is so much competition between retailers these days, that there’s always a sale on somewhere. If you’re not in a rush to get the furniture, wait until a sale is on, and get the place kitted out then.


Blue Summer traditional porch

traditional porch design by boston interior designer Su Casa Designs

Another advantage to decorating and furnishing a holiday place on a budget is that you can keep it for a few years, and then change the whole look again at a later date.