Porthole Laundry Shoot in Floor

Ahoy! Porthole Madness

What a random thing to find while surfing the Internet – a porthole stuck into a floor.  I actually love port holes…you know, porthole mirrors, windows, clocks and stuff but this is the most unique use of a porthole that I’ve seen so far.

Evidently the Songwriter, Artist, Multimedia Artist & Blogger, Allee Willis, has a real thing for portholes and has many throughout her home.  She has 3 vintage portholes off of a 1952 Chris-Craft boat.  All were won on E-Bay actions.




Her favorite porthole of all is the “$11 used-to-be-a-flimsy-brass-mirror porthole” which she converted into a laundry shoot! How awesome is that?


If you like “kitschy” stuff then give Allee’s blog a visit – she’s a hoot!!



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