Beach Cottage Breakfast Nook Room

Every Beach Cottage needs a Breakfast Nook

Is there anything better than enjoying your first cup of coffee or eating your breakfast with a view of the ocean?  I’m guessing it’s pretty darn swell. To be honest, I can hear the ocean while eating breakfast, but don’t actually see it.   We think every beach cottage needs a breakfast nook/room even though sometimes it doesn’t have the perfect view.

Why does it need a breakfast nook, you ask?  Eating breakfast is important and sitting down while you eat it is even more important.  The coastal life is about not rushing, it’s about enjoying the little things and eating right is part of that.   Sit and savor your breakfast and/or coffee.  Breakfast nooks are small, cozy and comfy unlike a stuffy dining room which is rarely used.  Take time to look out the window each day…watch the birds, ocean or trees swaying in the breeze.



Why not set up your kitchen counter as a breakfast space?

Maybe install a banquette into an alcove?

Here are some ideas to inspire you.  Don’t forget to Pin your favorite ones!


Kauai Residence - Hawaii tropical dining room

Cape Cod style dining room traditional dining room

Woodmeister Master Builders - WestWind contemporary dining room

White Beach Kitchen eclectic kitchen

Dining Room traditional dining room

Beach House Kitchens traditional kitchen

Classic Beach House traditional kitchen



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