ocean art led jelly fish lights

Love It or Hate It? Ocean Art Light-up Jellyfish


The Ocean Art Light-up Jellies from Swim Ways are eerily life-sized jellyfish decorations for swimming pools.   Each light-up jellyfish has LEDs inside and glow as they float across the surface of your swimming pool with their legs dangling beneath the water.  The jellyfish are available in green and purple.   They aren’t going to throw off a huge amount of light, but they still look cool.

How about putting a few in a bathtub or spa? Maybe they are too creepy for a bathtub?


ocean art led jelly fish lights


Ocean Art Jellyfish


Want your very own jellyfish light? They are available for sale on Amazon.

Do you Love It? or Hate It?


What a busy weekend we had!  We got lots of yard work done,  cut lots of plywood for the cottage floors and numerous chores like mopping and such.  Nothing very fun; but we love to work in the yard so it was enjoyable work.  

I even took Saturday morning to catch up on my magazines! It’s pretty bad when you don’t have enough time to read your new Coastal Living, Islands and Good Housekeeping magazines.  A few cups of coffee later plus lots of poodle cuddles while I read led to an enjoyable time. 

I hope you had a nice weekend too.  Keeping good thoughts that you have a fabulous week.

Have a great day!


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