Walrus Chair

Love It or Hate It? Walrus Chair


Spanish designer, Maximo Riera, creates sculptural seating; which I’m honestly not really sure I appreciate.  The walrus chair featured today is the third in a series of seating.  The walrus accompanies his  Octopus Chair and Rhino Chair.  The series of chairs retain the vitality of the animals which they represent, staying true to their biology and appearance.  I’m just not sure I’d feel comfortable sitting on a walrus, let alone an octopus!

Walrus Chair


Walrus Chair


Walrus Chair



Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera


The octopus is even MORE disturbing in my mind BUT what do YOU think?

Love it or Hate it?




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One thought on “Love It or Hate It? Walrus Chair

  1. Pat

    I have to say “I hate it”. I just don’t appreciate it at all. To me they remind me of slaughtered and stuffed throphy animals. I also think it would share me walking through the house in the dark!!

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