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Perfect Furnishings for a Holiday Cottage


When you buy a holiday cottage, it can be nice to decorate and furnish it totally differently from the way you decorate your main home. For instance, if your holiday place is by the sea, you can go all out with nautical décor, or go for a really natural beachcombing look.


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It’s often appropriate, too, as holiday places tend to be smaller and designed to be more open-plan than you find in a bigger home. For instance, the living room and kitchen room in a holiday home can often be in the same room, with a space for a dining area as well.  And to increase the feeling of spaciousness, it’s a good idea to use the same colours throughout the whole of the room and make sure that all the furniture you choose complements the rest nicely.


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You don’t have to spend a great deal of money to have a really nice looking holiday home. It’s often better to buy all the furniture from the same store, so that you can get matching ranges and also you may be able to ask for a better discount if you’re buying in bulk.

For example, Harveys sofas are sold with ranges of furniture such as display cabinets and tv stands that will look good alongside the sofas. You can also check that you’re not buying too big a sofa, compared with the furniture that you’re going to put around it.


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It’s also easy to find a cheap dining table and chairs that will go nicely in any home. Don’t be afraid not to buy cheaper items, just because they’re economical doesn’t mean necessarily that the quality is low. There is so much competition between retailers these days, that there’s always a sale on somewhere. If you’re not in a rush to get the furniture, wait until a sale is on, and get the place kitted out then.


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Another advantage to decorating and furnishing a holiday place on a budget is that you can keep it for a few years, and then change the whole look again at a later date.



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