Nautical Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Planning the Perfect Nautical Bedroom


A strong and increasingly popular trend in both fashion and interior design, the nautical theme is one that can be easily recreated in any bedroom.

Bedroom eclectic

eclectic spaces design


If you’re looking for a design theme with a fresh yet calming feel, then nautical is the way to go and it is very easy to create for yourself.

To create the perfect nautical bedroom, the first thing you need to do is get the colour scheme right. Nautical themes should be all about blues, whites and creams, with a splash of sunshine yellow and aquatic green here and there.


Lettered Cottage Guest room traditional bedroom

traditional bedroom design by media and blogs The Lettered Cottage


There are several ways you can go about featuring these colours in your bedroom. You might want to find some new painted bedroom furniture in nautical colors or you might prefer to repaint existing furniture in colours that reflect the nautical theme.

If you choose to repaint your existing bedroom furniture, rather than buying new bedroom furniture, choose colours that reflect the nautical theme; think the seaside, beaches and sailing, and choose paints in blues, whites and yellows.


Mediterranean mediterranean bedroom

mediterranean bedroom design by little rock interior designer Tobi Fairley


Be careful not to chip or spoil your painted furniture once you have finished, by allowing the paint to dry thoroughly. And bear in mind that you can combine repainted furniture with some new items to create a great bedroom that doesn’t cost the earth but still looks like it’s had a makeover.

As well as choosing colors and furniture which reflect the nautical theme, you can add finishing touches with patterns and designs inspired by sailing and the sea. For example, anchor wallpaper or carpeting can create a wonderfully nautical feel.


RGN Construction contemporary bedroom

contemporary bedroom design by seattle general contractor RGN Construction

You can also top off the nautical look in your bedroom by picking up individual and quirky items from second hand stores or online, such as compasses, globes and maps – think Pirates of the Caribbean or Hook and add some fun elements to your bedroom’s interior!


Nautical Boys Room traditional kids

traditional kids design by detroit home staging The Yellow Cape Cod

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