Nautical Chic Blue Living Room

What’s Your Color Personality?


This quiz was so much fun to take, even though the results were exactly as I imagined.  What’s Your Color Personality is a short series of questions on Better Homes & Gardens website which will help you discover your personality…in color!  Once you’ve discovered which personality you have, you have the opportunity to download a .pdf file for your color.

My Color Personality is:  Nautical Blue

Vibrant and refreshing, this palette of nautical blues was inspired by the sea, but the timeless hues can morph into new personalities when paired with different accent colors. Try grays and greens for a beachy look, or cottage chic when paired with yellows.”

It’s kind of scary how dead on this is.  Here are some photos of Nautical Blue…my color personality!

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Click to find out “What’s Your Color Personality?



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