Vintage Bathing Beauty Swimmers

Beach House Decorating: Vintage Swimming Girls

Vintage Bathing Beauty Swimmers

How do I explain my love affair with vintage diving girls and vintage swim suits?  Sounds a little weird, I know…The first time I ever spotted these vintage swimmers from America Retold,  I knew I was a goner.  I think I bought 40 of these candle holders in every color and shape imaginable, for our first store in Poulsbo.  These black, white and red ones gracing my office bookshelf might be the only ones I have left…

And then there were these girls, we could not keep enough of them in stock for our store customers or our online customers.   (photo taken on my old deck in Manchester, WA)

I think you can still find these bathing beauty girls online and locally (if you live near the beach) I spotted them a few months ago in the Cliff House Sutro Bar in San Francisco.

Just a few more of my favorite vintage bathing beauty finds – most spotted at the Alameda Flea Market, my go-to for inspiration!

Framed image spotted at the Cliff House, former Sutro Baths competition swimming venue in the 20’s-30’s. The entire restaurant is covered in these fun images!  I snapped this one a few months ago when we took Tom’s mom out to dinner there.

1920’s California Girls  (online for less than a day!)

French Flea Market Umbrella – LOVE!

Kicking myself for not buying this photo!

I did buy the Jantzen ad!  Could not resist it – and now it takes up a big corner on my messy office bulletin board, along with the vintage Chris Craft ad.
Now to give you some ideas for using vintage swimming suits and vintage swimming girls in your beach house!   Spotted at Houzz and on Pinterest earlier this week:

From Beach Vintage – I first spotted this cool idea at Completely-Coastal months ago, and kept it for future reference.  How simple, but such a great mix of modern and vintage!  Why did I give away my favorite red and white striped bathing suit????

Check out this cool framed vintage bathing suit mixed with a framed black sea fan, bright lime greens and MORE zebra stripes.  From Kate Jackson Designs.

Or how about this bright aqua green and turquoise living room? I am simply nuts about all of the bright happy colors, and that The diving girl pillow caught my eye right away!
Where can you find your very own vintage bathing girls?

Ebay has quite a few different options for prints and bathing suits.
Found quite a few of these vintage bathing girls at, and also on or you can go Google search using the terms “Dr. Livingstone – bathing beauties” and some other ideas will come up too.

Or there is lots of fun stuff at Etsy! Like all of the prints at Vintage Beach shop  – or there’s always Caron’s Beach House…..

Diving Girl Pillow

Cute polka dot bathing suit lamp

Vintage Inspired Pillow with Blue Striped Ticking!

Surfing at Waikiki!

See, I told you I have a little bit of an obsession. Have a great week everyone!




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