Peek a Boo View of our covered deck

Letter from the Editor: Summer in the Real World


Summer…a two syllable word that brings joy to just about every person I know. My favorite things about Summer are the longer days, sticking my toes into warm sand, large amounts of flowers blooming in the garden and simply sitting around and just enjoying family and friends. This Summer finds us finishing up the replacing of our carpet; organizing our storage; finishing our outdoor covered deck and welcoming many into our Sally Lee by the Sea family. LOTS going on!?!


Flowers of Summer


What happened with the cottage floors, you ask? We started in the living room and they are “almost” complete. What took so darn long? Well, we aren’t an HGTV Show which has 48 hours to work wonders!! We live in the real world and have a home, family and business to keep running while trying to do the floors. Seriously, who can renovate a room in a day? lol.

Here is proof that we’ve done something though (see photo below).  The 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood have been cut into 6″ wide strips at varying lengths (4′, 6′ and 8′).  We were dry fitting the boards while they acclimated to our inside temperature when we took this photo.


Cut Floor Boards


and they’ve each been hand-sanded and white washed now…


White washing on new Beach House Floors


I actually did get 75% of my closets organized in February and March. Did I get around to taking photos, nope! Again, life got in the way and they have started filling up with crap again; but they still look much better than previously.

The covered backyard deck really just needs a pressure wash and white paint (the rails have been primed white though!).  Why don’t I have recent photos of that either? Well, the deck is covered in power tools today in order to finish the floors…told you – real world!


Peek a Boo View of our covered deck

How about some photos of your pretty dining room or a summer table scape you ask? HA! My dining room is filled up with everything from the living room. Yes, seriously! I have a dining table, 8 foot couch, boxes of books, coffee table, end tables, plants and more everywhere. If you’ve never done home renovations then you probably don’t understand. If you HAVE done home renovations then you’re nodding your head in agreement and are so happy that we aren’t talking about your house right now.  :O)

On a happier note….we’d like to introduce you to some new writers for our sites! You may have noticed last week that articles are being written by our new coastal friends…

Cheryl Bow of the Australian blog called Beachcomber, brings us her beautiful photography and Aussie influenced beach home style tips.   Cheryl also creates beautiful jewelry and other coastal home goods in her Etsy store.

Caron of Caron’s Beach House as well as the blog, Everything Coastal, is a Pacific Northwest girl and currently resides in  fabulous San Francisco. We know you’ll love her posts about West Coast Beach Home Decorating and Coastal Lifestyle.

Have you met Interior Designer and Blogger, Luciane of Home Bunch? She resides in Canada and is in love with beautiful homes, beautiful accessories and the beach.  You’re going to love her as much as we do!

Last, but certainly not least, many of you know Elizabeth Joy of Shorely Chic.  She is yet another talented Interior Designer, retailer and blogger who offers us a young and hip New York vibe!

Welcome to our new team! We are so happy to have this group of talented coastal enthusiasts part of our Sally Lee family.

So, as you can see, I have a few projects to get completed this Summer.  Of course, beach walks and chillaxin’ (isn’t that what the kids are saying these days?) are on the top of my priority list so maybe these will end up on my Autumn to-do list!?

Hope you have a beautiful week!



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