Decorating with Sunburst Mirrors

Beach House Decor: Sunburst Mirrors in the Bedroom


I’ve been seeing so many beautiful bedroom photos on Pinterest (do we follow each other?) lately and have found that a trend I love to see is a gold sunburst mirror centered above the headboard.

Take a lookie here:

Decorating with Sunburst Mirrors

I find it as sort of a difficult space to fill and the sunburst fits right in, perfectly!
I actually went ahead and bought this one on Joss and Main the other day for only $58:
It has big plans to hang {guess where}?



5 thoughts on “Beach House Decor: Sunburst Mirrors in the Bedroom

  1. AimeesRockWorks

    What a lovely idea, especially the driftwood one.

    (Let’s just hope they’re all secured very-very-very well to the walls… wouldn’t want those to fall!)

  2. Coastal Femme

    These sunburst mirrors are so pretty and versatile.I have one which, I made out of wood shims in my guest bedroom and I also have one in my dining room.

  3. TERRI

    I recently added a sunburst mirror above the fireplace and posted before/after photo’s on my blog, made a tremendous difference. Now I’ll have to consider hanging one in the bedroom.

  4. Coral and Coast

    I love the look of a sunburst mirror above the bed, it’s such a tricky spot to hang art, you don’t want anything too large or too small, but these look great! xo K

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