Traditional Nautical Dining Room Table Setting

Nautical Dining Room: Bring the Coast into Your Home


Bring the Coast into Your Home with Nautical Dining Room Design — It’s always interesting when you go to stay at a cottage by the sea to note how the owner has chosen to decorate their place. People on holiday are often inspired by the way the holiday home owner has chosen to furnish their house, and this encourages them to make changes when they get back home.

Often, people who own a place by the sea conform to the choices of light creams, blues and beiges, reflecting the sky, sea and sand of the local environment. Using this combination gives the impression that the whole place is fresh and clean, and there’s a feeling of the seaside being inside the home as well as all around it.

It’s the kind of look that you can also choose to take home with you, whether you live in the middle of the town or the countryside, but you’d probably be less likely to fill your suburban home with seaside associated ornaments such as boats and prints of Breton lighthouses.

However, if you really enjoy a nautically themed room, it is possible to do this away from the sea without it looking out of place. The dining room is a classic example.

Nautical Dining Room Desig

Dining Room design by New York Architect Workshop/apd

A dining room is often a little disconnected from the rest of the home, unless you happen to have one that is connected to the living room with an archway rather than a door.  Due to this standalone nature, you can make the dining room its own little world, picking a decorating theme that you enjoy, but that may not coordinate with the rest of your home.


Nautical Dining Room Desig

Traditional Dining Room design by New York Interior Designer Glenn Gissler Design

And if you love the nautical theme, that’s exactly what you could use in a dining room. For example, you could furnish it in the style of a ship’s dining room, using dark polished woods and accents of brass and glass to add light to the room.


Tropical Dining Room design by Other Metros Architect Barefoot Design Group, LLC


Nautical Dining Room Desig

Eclectic Kitchen design by Grand Rapids Interior Designer Dwellings

There are so many dining room sets to choose from today. Although there are lots of contemporary styles, for a nautical theme it’s probably best to stick to the highly polished dark wood furniture. Choose chairs for their comfort as well as their look – you want to be comfortable while sitting at a meal. It’s also important that you make sure your choice of table is practical as well as stylish. Find out how stain resistant and heatproof the surface of the table is before you make your purchase.


Nautical Dining Room Desig

Traditional Dining Room design by Other Metros Architect Barefoot Design Group, LLC

Nautical Dining Room Desig

Contemporary Dining Room design by Boston General Contractor Woodmeister Master Builders

If you’re looking for inspirational ideas for the dining room, look at the Harveys Furniture on YouTube to see the company’s latest home design inspirational videos.



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