Mystic Knotwork Nautical Turks-Head Coasters

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We had family visit last weekend and it was wonderful to use our new nautical Turks head knot trivets and drink coasters from Mystic Knotwork.  Each piece is handmade in the USA and I can vouch that they are extremely high quality.  The designs represent three generations of craftsmanship on the coast of Connecticut.

You can now enjoy what over 50 years of continual refinement can create using custom American made cord.  The coaster and trivet designs immediately added to our beach house  party atmosphere!

Learn more about these nautical home decor products below and tell them Sally Lee sent you!


Nautical Turks Head Coasters

Mystic Knotwork Nautical Turks-Head Coasters
“Friends don’t let friends use cardboard coasters. Imagine saddling up in your favorite pub. As the barkeeper places the ubiquitous cardboard slab on the oiled walnut bar, you boldly say, thank you, but I brought my own. Whip out your handmade nautical coaster and proudly display your pint while making the rest of the bar jealous.

These nautical coaster are made using the Turks Head knot woven as a miniature mat. Harkening back to the traditional thump pad under the pulleys on a sailing boat, these are a classic accessory for the boaters house. Mystic Knotwork makes these out of a very firm cotton cord that gives them an even more authentic feel.” ~ Mystic Knotwork


White Nautical Turks Head Coasters
Use with mugs, glasses, and cold bottles of beer. The cotton will absorb any moisture, saving your tabletop.  These coasters come in a set of four and measure 4 inches across. They can be washed in the washing machine or the top rack of a dishwasher.  Available in white, tan,  red and blue!


Nautical Rope Trivet

This trivet is made from a turks head knot. This is same knot as Mystic Knotwork’s famous sailor bracelets, just flattened.  Trivet is 6 1/2 inch Cotton Nautical Rope Trivet and Made in the USA.   It has a 6 1/2 inch diameter and is made with 1/4 inch cotton rope.  It is thick enough to protect your table from anything hot you may place on it.

Nautical Rope Trivet


The ends are sewn down with thin cotton cord and each section is stitched through to provide stability.  Perfect as a gift for boaters or beach lovers.


Nautical Rope Trivet by Mystic Knotwork


Invest in some practical home decor accents at Mystic Knotwork today!

Nautical Rope Trivet & Turks Head Coasters




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