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Letter from the Editor: Celebrating a Coastal Summer


Happy Summer everyone! As I sit here, it is gently raining outside with temperatures in the mid-50’s.  Other parts of the United States are experiencing heat waves.  Good thing that humans are adaptable because you just never know what you’re going to have to deal with in regards to weather.


Celebrating a Coastal Summer

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Most of us love summer, especially since summer and beach houses  go hand-in-hand.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas time, however really love keeping that summer feeling around all year long.  How am I accomplishing this decorating feat?

Over the past few years I’ve added white sheer curtains on just about every window in the house; purchased off-white couch/loveseat covers; painted bookshelves and kitchen cabinets white and will eventually have whitewashed floors throughout the majority of our living space.


Celebrating a Coastal Summer

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Our home boasts Sea Glass Blue accent walls and a lovely shade of Sand covers remaining walls.  Even on dreary Washington Coast days, it feels a bit like summer throughout our beach house.


Celebrating a Coastal Summer

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If you would like to get that summer feeling in your home then visit us this week as our team shares articles from around the globe.  They are sure to inspire your thoughts and give you encouragement in  your decorating experiments.   Most important thing in decorating? Fill your home with things which you love! (pretty simple, huh?)

Hope you have a beautiful week.



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