Bronze Octopus Table from Jos Designing

Love It or Hate It? Bronze Octopus Table


Octopus tables, chairs, pillows and jewelry are EVERYWHERE it seems! Have you noticed this fascination with this underwater creature?  I’m such a girly-girl at times that they honestly creep me out a bit. Although I have many coastal friends that just love their Octopus decor.  I’ve always stressed to have what you like in your beach house; not what someone thinks you should like! Right? Right!

So the question of the day is, what do YOU think about this Octopus Table from


Bronze Octopus Table from Jos Designing


Love it or hate it?

Do you like it, but would never use it in your own home?

Octopus Table

We want to hear your thoughts!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,



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9 thoughts on “Love It or Hate It? Bronze Octopus Table

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  2. Benita

    I love this. So unique! My entire home is nautical. It would fit right in. I like a few pieces that stand out…this definitely does that!

  3. Ellen

    I agree with Clenna, it’s unique and interesting but doesn’t fit with my decor.

    I do appreciate other people’s artwork and the time and effort it takes to create something. If it is marketed well, there will be people who will want to buy it.

    As far as octopus items go, I’m more of a “cutesy” girl. I just did a treasury for etsy where I included an octopus pendant from an artist and I thought it was very original.
    Here’s the pendant:

  4. Karen W.

    I don’t like it either….it is kind of creepy! I do like some octopus stuff (like on pillows or in jewelry), but this definitely is not my style.

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