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Beach House Decorating: Take The Sea Back To The City


Take The Sea Back To The City — Whenever you stay in a beach cottage or in a seaside apartment, you find that people use similar themes in decorating and furnishings. There’s a lot of white linen for example, and there are often shades of blues and greens accented throughout the different rooms. Often the overall effect is embracing the world outside the door – the sea, the sky, and the sand.

This is a look that isn’t difficult to recreate – no matter where you live. Even if you live in the middle of town, you can still have a décor theme that reminds you of your holidays by the shore.

Take the bedroom as an example. You can strip out the carpet and paint the floorboards white. The walls can be painted any colour that you find calming and natural – creams with a hint of blue or green, for example. And if you want to change the furniture, there’s so much discount bedroom furniture available online that you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for with just a few searches.


Beach House Decorating Ideas


The choice of furniture can really add to a theme in a room too. If you want the room to feel like the inside of a boat’s cabin, that’s easy to do. Pick dark wood furniture with a highly polished finish and brass handles. Or you might prefer the lighter look of oak in campaign style furniture – with metal corners so that your furnishings remind you of packing trunks and cases. Take a look at the different bedroom furniture sets for sale at for a taste of the collections of furniture that are available today.


Beach House Decorating Ideas


Before you buy new furniture for your bedroom, make sure you measure the room accurately, and take account of any obstacles that you can’t put furniture next to or in front of – like doors and radiators. Then when you look at furniture to buy, you’ll be able to know exactly how it will fit into the room – or if it’s simply going to make the room feel cramped. You may be tempted to a king-sized bed, but if it crowds the room, you won’t get that breezy, airy feeling that you’re hoping to create.


Beach House Decorating Ideas


The way to finish off your nautical theme is through the use of ornaments and the linens you choose for your bedroom. White curtains and bed linen will add to the fresh feel, and you can pick out or create shore-inspired ornaments like mirror frames surrounded by shells, or pieces of driftwood arranged on the window ledge. You can even get an ocean sounds CD to lull you to sleep!


Beach House Decorating Ideas

beach house bedroom view

A Dreamy Bedroom View


I love laying in bed on a summer morning and peering out the window at my large hydrangea bush bursting in bloom.  The crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean can be heard in the distant background as well as all the happy little birds friends in our back yard.  Although this is a pretty darn great way to start the day,  I do dream of the beach house bedroom window view featured below.  Yes, the home will cost a fortune; but it’s always free to dream!

 Beach House Master Bedroom Dream View

Beach House Bedroom View

The master bathroom view isn’t too shabby either.

Master Bath

Though the beach house isn’t my personal style, it doesn’t really matter since the ocean view is really the star of this masterpiece.

Beach Front View

Beach House Bedroom View

An ocean view and warm fire is a lovely way to spend the evening, no matter what time of year it is.

Ocean View

Beach House Bedroom View

Like what you see?

View the complete Otter Cove Residence on

Home Tour: Beach Cottage Rental


Cottage Home Tour

One of my favorite things about renting a beach cottage is the freedom it gives you. Owning a cottage is one of my dreams, but I must admit that I love the possibility of renting a different cottage every summer. You can choose different locations, different beaches and different decor.

If I lived anywhere closer to the UK, I’d be booking this beach cottage rental in Holywell Bay, North of the beautiful Cornwall coast. This is just the perfect place to bring someone special and have the most romantic weekend of your life.

The original 1930  cottage was extended with an extra hut where a bedroom and a bathroom is located. The main cottage has whitewashed walls that retain the classic beach cottage feel.

Everything is special in this place, but the outdoors really speaks for itself.

Getting There

Beach Cottage Home Tour

The two very different buildings create some interest and drama to this beautiful landscaping.

Surfing Along

Beach Cottage Home Tour

Looking for some adventure…

Tiny Dream

Beach Cottage Home Tour

This tiny cottage is cute as a cupcake! ;-)


Beach Cottage Home Tour

It’s very cozy, but also very charming.


Cottage Home Tour

Adorable! Oh, and that view… Oh, la la!


Beach Cottage Home Tour

It’s really interesting they decided to build a separate bedroom and make it so different from the main cottage. I think it creates more interest to the property. It’s something unexpected.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

Modern and practical.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and have breakfast here?


Beach Cottage Home Tour

These sunglasses remind me of Jack Nicholson. :-)


Beach Cottage Home Tour

Beautiful views on the left.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

But even better views on the right.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

What about a picnic?


Beach Cottage Home Tour

The sand welcomes you with a smile!


Beach Cottage Home Tour

I wish I was walking on this beach at this moment. You?

Walk with Me

Beach Cottage Home Tour

One of my favorite things when I’m on the beach is going for walks, just feeling the ocean breeze and hearing the waves. I feel in peace and any problem can be carried away.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

Just look at it and imagine being there right now.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

You can feel the warmth of  last rays of the sun.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

Now, imagine going back to the cottage after a relaxing afternoon at the beach.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

A beautiful dinner and a very special wine awaits you.

Night Time

Beach Cottage Home Tour

This is the look of a perfect summer night.


Beach Cottage Home Tour

And the night ends (or starts ;-) ) with a glass of champagne.

Did you get in the mood for some romance? :-) Isn’t this place perfect for that?

You have a cute cottage, an edgier bedroom, the sandy beach…Even I got in a romantic mood after seeing this cottage!


Luciane of

{Source: Unique Home Stays}


Nantucket Dreams

Nantucket Dreams

Yesterday, while having morning coffee with my friend Wendy at Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo I was introduced to a seriously dangerous blog,  “Little Emma English Home”.   Really, her posts are an “Oh My”  moment. I only say dangerous, because I could get lost all day in her posts and photos!  In fact,  I was almost an hour late to get to my friend Maggie’s house on Miller Bay.  Thank goodness Maggie is also a beach girl, and totally understood….

Nantucket,  is definitely on my bucket list.  I am a West Coast girl through and through, but I just can’t help myself, I am drawn to East Coast “seafaring” casual interiors.  I love the blues and whites, the sailing ships, the whaling history, and the mix of nautical done right!


Nantucket Dreams

What do you think?

Here’s a few things that you can add to your decor to get the look!



A Driftwood Bouquet


Nautical Indigo Pillows from Kevin O’Brian Studios


Thomas Paul Melamine  Nautical Plates (they really don’t look like Melamine!)


A Rustic Iron Lantern or two…

And of course, a model sailing ship is a must!


Have a fabulous Friday – and don’t forget to stop by Little Emma English Home, you will fall in love too!

Beach Cottage Home Wood Floor Project

Letter from the Editor: New Beach Cottage Flooring


The journey began in January 2012…planning, research and purchasing of plywood.  If you’re a regular reader then you may recall that our main beach cottage renovation this year was going to be new flooring.  Well, I’m excited to share that I’m currently sitting in my new library/office which has a delightfully beautiful whitewashed, shabby cottage wood floor.

We previously had horribly stretched, soiled and old brown carpet in our home.  I got the wild idea to rip it out and replace it with plywood.  Surprisingly there were a ton of plywood flooring how-to’s on the Internet.  After months of whining over the condition of the carpet I finally talked my hubby into the idea.  How did I get him to change his mind?  I shared photos and how much it would cost in comparison to other flooring options.  $800.00 for over 800 square feet of flooring is what really sold it!

So, the library/office is finished and is standing up very well.  We will be digging into the next room in the next week or so (keeping fingers and toes crossed).

In case any of you are interested in trying something like this yourself, I’ll write up complete instructions to share with you soon – today I’m just going to share a couple of un-staged photos.


Before: Old wrinkled brown carpet

  New Beach Cottage Flooring


Beach Cottage Floors After – The plywood floors were hand-cut, hand-sanded, hand-painted and provide our home with an “old cottage” feel yet are finished with a high-traffic Varathane protectant.

New Beach Cottage Flooring Project


Our home’s entry leads directly into the (once) living room.  We’ve turned the space into a library and office; which offers a wealth of natural light.  The space was once a room that was never used and now the family congregates in it daily to enjoy coffee, chit chat or to just quietly read a book.   As you can see, the beachy chalkboard we made last year now resides in this space instead of our bedroom (I just can’t stop re-decorating!).


Beach Cottage Home Whitewashed Wood Flooring


I’ll try to get some full room shots in the very near future.  I just finished setting my office up and trying to get things “just right” before I share with you — but maybe I’ll just share some more un-staged photos with you instead.  Would you mind?

Hope you have a beautiful week, friends.



Key West Classic Exterior

Beach House Exteriors: Key West Curb Appeal


A few select and well-thought out exterior upgrades can add some Key West-inspired Curb Appeal to your beach house in a jiffy! Key West is about balmy weather and colors of the sea and sky.  While driving around Key West’s Old Town you’ll view vibrant colors, intricate patterns, beautiful trees as well as Colonial architecture.

“Key West is a town of color. Colorful sunsets over sparkling water. Colorful seashells and storefronts. Colorful shutters on Conch houses. And colorful people who fill the streets with festivals and parades. From beautiful furniture and accessories to full service decorating, Style Key West brings that life color to a customer or client’s home.” ~ Style Key West 


Beach House - Key West Curb Appeal

Tropical Exterior design by Miami Architect tuthill architecture


After you’ve mowed the lawn, freshened up your flower beds and swept the landing why not add one or more of these pieces to freshen your exterior up a bit?  Key West exterior style updates were recently featured in a Southern Living Magazine article titled, Front Door Style.  The magazine suggested five fairly easy upgrades to boost curb appeal and I agree with their suggestions of a colorful door; pineapple door knocker; entrance lighting, new door hardware and a door mat.


Key West Front Door Curb Appeal via Southern Living


The  door knocker can be a welcome greeting for your guests.  The pineapple has been a universal symbol of hospitality and welcome for many centuries all over the world.  Your family and friends will be immediately impressed upon arriving at your home with a shining new Pineapple Door Knocker.

Pineapple Door Knocker

Beach House - Key West Curb Appeal Pineapple Door Knocker

An extremely cost-effective upgrade is a new door mat.  Door mats are such an unexciting thing to purchase; however they can also make your entrance look much better in no time at all.  Many door mats are created from recycled materials; which are extremely durable and will last for years.

Fisherman’s Rope Mat

Beach House - Key West Curb Appeal

A new outdoor light fixture can beautify your beach home’s curb appeal immediately.    Many of your guests  will arrive for gatherings after dark so perfectly placed outdoor lighting enhances your home’s architectural design and welcomes guests right.  For the most flattering light on people and plants, install blue-white bulbs for your exterior fixtures.

Outdoor lighting also adds value to your home.   Judith Patriski, an appraiser and owner of Quad Realty Co. near Cleveland, estimates that for upper-bracket homes, an investment in outdoor lighting can yield a 50% return. “When you pull into a driveway and see a gorgeous home, you’re going to pay more for it,” says Patriski.

Hanging Exterior Pineapple Lantern

Beach House - Key West Curb Appeal

Your front door is the first thing which catches ones eye, so if you only want to upgrade one item I recommend starting with the front door.   A fresh coat of brightly colored exterior paint on your door can be completed in an afternoon.  

Bright Front Door Paint in “Yellow Corn”

  Key West Curb Appeal - Behr Ultra Paint in Yellow Corn


Looking for a more dramatic change?  Visit a local home center for a new front door –  you might be surprised at all the options available.   If you’re interested in something more special, then I highly recommend checking with local or online architectural salvage stores.  The beautiful door featured below is available from AMIGHINI Architecturals and Doors.


Single Wood Entry Door with wrought iron


Curb Appeal - Single Entry Door from Amighini Architecturals and Doors


Last, but certainly not least, your Key West Curb Appeal isn’t complete if your entrance door hardware is old, rusty or dirty.  As with exterior doors, there are literally thousands of styles of door hardware available on the market.  All door locks are important for the safety of your home, but some are so beautiful that you could actually call them “art”.


Curb Appeal - Entry Sets from