ISLAND LIGHT glass countertop

Beach House Kitchen Idea: Glass Countertops


We discussed recycled glass kitchen countertops not too long ago and you were very enthusiast about the idea of using the product in your beach home.  Today I’d like to introduce you to another maintenance-free and highly durable counter product… glass!

ThinkGlass has created a four-inch thick glass countertop; which we have a serious crush on.  The piece has been designed to look like a luminescent ocean and actually glows from within by using powerful LED lights embedded inside the glass.  The counter top is available in a variety of light colors and it is even possible to incorporate a ‘light show’ with special effects such as flashing and fading lights to create an ambiance that can be controlled by remote control.  Is the light show a bit much? Probably!


Ocean Inspired Glass Kitchen Countertop


You have the option to select your desired finishes so your counter top will be a true artistic creation of durable glass .   ThinkGlass can create filled glass slabs unconstrained by thickness requirements — this is unique and opens a myriad of creative possibilities.

ISLAND LIGHT glass countertop


For the discerning homeowner, for the unique room, for a breathtaking approach to kitchen design…think about using glass countertops!


CRYSTAL BLOC glass countertop


With a remarkable blend of function and art, ThinkGlass offers glass kitchen countertops, backsplashes and raised bars that literally transform your eating area.

Benefits include:

  • Glass countertops 1.5″ thick or more.
  • A smooth, glossy contemporary finish on every glass countertops, with a huge choice of available imbedded textures.
  • Custom designs of your glass countertops with infused color to create your personalized artistic touch.
  • Single seamless pieces made up to 7′ x 10′.
  • Durability that rivals any common countertop product.

What do you think of this product?


Hope you have a beautiful week!


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