Beach Cottage Home Wood Floor Project

Letter from the Editor: New Beach Cottage Flooring


The journey began in January 2012…planning, research and purchasing of plywood.  If you’re a regular reader then you may recall that our main beach cottage renovation this year was going to be new flooring.  Well, I’m excited to share that I’m currently sitting in my new library/office which has a delightfully beautiful whitewashed, shabby cottage wood floor.

We previously had horribly stretched, soiled and old brown carpet in our home.  I got the wild idea to rip it out and replace it with plywood.  Surprisingly there were a ton of plywood flooring how-to’s on the Internet.  After months of whining over the condition of the carpet I finally talked my hubby into the idea.  How did I get him to change his mind?  I shared photos and how much it would cost in comparison to other flooring options.  $800.00 for over 800 square feet of flooring is what really sold it!

So, the library/office is finished and is standing up very well.  We will be digging into the next room in the next week or so (keeping fingers and toes crossed).

In case any of you are interested in trying something like this yourself, I’ll write up complete instructions to share with you soon – today I’m just going to share a couple of un-staged photos.


Before: Old wrinkled brown carpet

  New Beach Cottage Flooring


Beach Cottage Floors After – The plywood floors were hand-cut, hand-sanded, hand-painted and provide our home with an “old cottage” feel yet are finished with a high-traffic Varathane protectant.

New Beach Cottage Flooring Project


Our home’s entry leads directly into the (once) living room.  We’ve turned the space into a library and office; which offers a wealth of natural light.  The space was once a room that was never used and now the family congregates in it daily to enjoy coffee, chit chat or to just quietly read a book.   As you can see, the beachy chalkboard we made last year now resides in this space instead of our bedroom (I just can’t stop re-decorating!).


Beach Cottage Home Whitewashed Wood Flooring


I’ll try to get some full room shots in the very near future.  I just finished setting my office up and trying to get things “just right” before I share with you — but maybe I’ll just share some more un-staged photos with you instead.  Would you mind?

Hope you have a beautiful week, friends.





5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor: New Beach Cottage Flooring

  1. Tricia Rose

    That looks beautiful – I am currently agonising over what to do with my boathouse floors when I take out the kitchen – do I redo the whole floor (bits redone last year) or hope the result looks ‘eclectic’? Something tells me eclectic is a forlorn hope and I should pitch my efforts towards ingenious.

  2. Kathy

    I love it Marie. What a difference. I also have always loved wood floors. Currently live in a apartment but if we ever get a house will sure keep this in mind.

  3. Marie of Sally Lee by the Sea, LLC Post author

    Do it Pat! Just make sure that the plywood you use is thick enough. We were originally going to use 1/4″ but spent a few extra dollars and upgraded to 3/8″ for a stronger floor.

    We’d love to see photos when you’re done.


  4. Pat

    I absolutely love it!! I have been talking about doing this for a couple of years and for the most part, people think I’m crazy…but that’s ok. I was just telling my sister that I thought it might be easy for me if I stain and protect outside and piece by piece, section by section do it myself. I love the look!! Thank you for sharing!!

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