Nautical Cottage Mantel

Mantel Becomes Shabby Nautical Shelf

Garage Sale Find - Nautical Cottage Mantel


Every Memorial Day Weekend the hubby and I drive around the Long Beach Peninsula and go to as many garage sales as we can handle.  It’s officially called, “The Longest Garage Sale in the World” – whether it is or not, we sure have fun and have found many treasures.

Combining garage sale finds with our purchased treasures adds a comfy and cozy feel to our beach cottage.  Our favorite find from this year was an old and abused wood mantel.  It had been in someone’s barn for many years and I instantly fell in LOVE with it.  Of course, I received the rolling eyes from hubby but, as always, he loves it too now that it’s up on the wall.


Garage Sale Find - Nautical Cottage Mantel


The wood sailboat was purchased from a garage sale in 2009….for $5.00!  The lighthouse was a gift from my brother (it’s the Westport Lighthouse) and the candle lamp is from Ikea.


Garage Sale Find - Nautical Cottage Mantel


A stiff brush was used to remove dirt and chippy paint that was a bit “too” chippy.  I applied two coats of satin varnish so that the remaining paint would stay intact and it makes it easy to wipe down for cleaning.   The six foot long mantel is now a nautical shelf in our dining room.

I took these photos a few weeks ago and, of course, I have changed the items adorning the shelf numerous times (regular readers know that this is a VERY regular occurrence around here! lol).

Click photos for large version….


Hope you have a beautiful week!



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