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Bringing The Seaside To Your Home


Bringing the Seaside to Your Home — Everyone loves to spend time by the sea, which is probably why so many of us head for the shore for our holidays and vacations. Some of us are lucky enough to own a beach house, but for the majority, it’s just a pipe dream.

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However, even though the reality of owning a coastal cottage might be far out of reach, you can bring the theme of the sea and the beach to your own home, wherever you might live.

Some people do this with the furniture they choose – picking coffee tables shaped like boats or with a seashell display underneath a glass top. Others choose to have accent features to remind them of times by the sea, like a big treasure chest-style blanket box or ornaments with a nautical theme like lighthouses, barometers and compasses.


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One great thing you can do is to buy cheap bookcases online and then paint them up whatever colour you want as a base, and then stick seashore memorabilia over the sides to create your own personal 3-D seaside collage.


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If you want to really take the nautical theme through your decorating, then colour schemes can be a good place to start. For example, in the living room, you can strip the carpet away and go back to the bare floorboards. Then either sand them down and leave them with a clear varnish, or if they’re not in a great state you can white wash them.

Choose an off-white paint with a hint of green or blue for the walls. Look at how the natural daylight falls in your room, and be guided by this as to which colour to choose. If your room faces north, be careful as painting it blue can sometimes have the effect of making it feel a little cold.


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You can choose a sofa in blue, green or yellow to remind you of the natural ocean and shore colours, or choose a more neutral cream and beige and add accents of colour with cushions and throws. That way, when you feel like a change, the change doesn’t have to be so fundamental.

Whether you go the whole hog on the nautical theme, or you just have a few decorative touches to remind you of the beach, you’re sure to be thrilled with the results.


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