The Ocean House in Rhode Island

The Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI


A tour of The Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI  by Liz Joy of Shorely Chic

Over the weekend Brian and I drove up to Watch Hill, RI to hit the beach and visit the little town we fell in love with during a weekend trip we took last summer. The whole community of Watch Hill is just perfection, gorgeous New England beaches, an adorable Main Street with the cutest beach boutiques, ice cream shops, restaurants, and some of the most gorgeous homes I have ever seen. The Ocean House is definitely the gem of Watch Hill having first opened its doors to guests in 1868!

There is something so special about walking into a place you know has been luxurious for so many years, it’s fascinating to imagine

the people and styles that have walked up and down the hallways and relaxed on the vast porches.Brian and I were fortunate to choose

a day that the Ocean House had set aside to open up to the public and show off the renovation that has brought it back to life since

closing in 2003.

I snapped photos at all of the amazing details my eyes saw:

the view from the beach

The Ocean House in Rhode Island

view from the hotel

how gorgeous, when I pick up the paintbrush again, I may want to paint this…

The Ocean House in Rhode Island

The Ocean House in Rhode Island

lthough the Ocean House is a hotel, apparently you can purchase residences to own which is such a nice feature

of course there is croquet

Elizabeth Joy of Shorely Chic

the view from the main dining area

hydrangeas everywhere!

The Ocean House in Rhode Island

Shorely Chic heaven

guests were given a tour of the rooms on the first floor

the rooms walk out onto this…

It was a lovely day and I encourage all of you to take a trip and tour this marvelous New England




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