Coastal Front Door

Coastal Front Doors

I was shopping for hardware for a client, and came across these amazing Coastal Front Door knockers. I’ve seen them around and when we buy our first home you better believe one of these will be hanging on my aqua painted front door:


which one is your fave?? I think I like the scallop shell (second one in on the left, top row)

Coastal Front Door


Coastal Front Door

 “The best way of finding the right style of front door is to look at the other houses in the neighborhood. Chances are you’ll see the original style for your house, but don’t try and commit it to memory always take a photo of the other doors before you choose one for you.” ~ Channel 4 Homes

Coastal Front Door

this door is my favorite!


Coastal Front Door

love this blue!




3 thoughts on “Coastal Front Doors

  1. Catherine Ruch

    Love the color of your favorite door. It’s exactly the color I’ve been looking for. It some kind of melon color. Can you please tell me the name and from what paint co.?

  2. Mhairi

    Hard to choose, but in the end, the lighthouse wins.

    Kelly – I noticed that turquoise door & loved it, bet yours looks great, I’m envious :-) Alas it’d look rather weird on my home, given the surrounding colours & the street it’s in!

    Loving the blog Liz & everyone else, keep up the good work.

  3. Kelly

    OMG, my front door looks just like the turquoise one that you have included here.

    My choice is the “nantucket” style bucket door knocker.

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