crab watercolor print

Handmade Coastal Art Finds on Etsy

Are you a fan of using handmade coastal art to decorate your beach home?  Etsy is a wonderful go-to source if you like to use unique art or decor pieces and many feature jellyfish, whales, coral and nautical ships.  I’m always impressed visiting homes that are filled with handmade or one-of-a-kind items.   Creating an original home can be a trick, but the sellers at Etsy can certainly help.


Jellyfish Print on Vintage Map —  This jellyfish print is on a vintage map of the Gulf of Mexico — definitely a unique piece with lots of character!

Five Whales Stacked Archival Print – an archival print of the artist’s original watercolor painting.5 whales stacked.  The print includes a Sperm whale, narwhal whale, minke whale, right whale, and a beluga whale. The piece is printed with pigment based inks that pick up all the subtleties and richness of the original.

Crab Watercolor Print in Seafoam Green by artist, Laura Trevey.  All prints are signed on the front and make a wonderful addition to your home decor!

crab watercolor print

High Seas Art Print — Hey let’s sail the high seas…where could we go?  This is an archival art print of an original pen, ink and water color drawing done by  Paula Mills.  I love the sea and the eclectic style of the artwork.

Like bright color? This set of 4 Coral Print Set can easily makeover any wall in the house!  

The Whales Vintage Educational Chart Illustration provides vintage flair at an affordable price. The piece offers lovely blue-gray tones.

The Chevron-phenomena is combined with Modern Coral and Seahorse Print in this lovely piece of coastal art.   Three beautiful 8″x10″ art prints are included. 

I love the playful expression shared on this print, “Work like a Captain, Play like a pirate.”  Somehow I can truly relate!

Narwhals were the first unicorns, and their horns were popular pieces in people’s cabinets.  The narwhal is the rarest of all species of whale, and scientists know very little about them. Narwhal print available from Vintage by the Shore.

Ocean Daydream watercolor would make a great gift for both children and adults, especially those with a big imagination!

Have a favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts!




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