Vintage White Drawer coastal display

Vintage White from Beachcomber

Hi.. back again!

Something i’ve been working on this week. these vintage drawers didn’t look too good when i came across them. boring, brown, varnished.. but i could see some potential there. i always love the transformation when the white paint goes on.

white coastal display


white coastal display


A package arrived in the mail with these vintage fabric squares i bought on etsy from a beautiful shop in France. i just love them.. i have no idea what i’ll do with them. thinking maybe i should learn how to do patchwork, wouldn’t they be beautiful in a quilt? although i’m not a great sewer and have never been good at getting measurements exact.


white coastal display

What would you do with these?  i’d love some ideas.

white coastal display

mothers’ day lilies lasting for ages and smelling gorgeous.

white coastal display

have a great day!




2 thoughts on “Vintage White from Beachcomber

  1. Mhairi Gordon-Preston

    I”m with Susan

    How about…
    * covering notebooks
    * framed, as wall art
    * cutting-out some of the motifs & using as cheat applique (should be possible with iron-on interfacing)
    * glue onto cork & turn them into placemats (need something to protect the fabric, but a craft store could advice)
    * Under a glass table-top

  2. Susan Roquet

    For you quilt of the beautiful French fabrics, I’d do something real simple, either big blocks or rectangles or stripes. Let the fabric be the showcase, not an intricate quilt design. Hope this inspires you. They are very lovely. :)

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