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Driftwood and Sea Urchin Night Light

Celebrating Life Near the Shore – Loving Coastal Living!

Coastal Home Decor from Loving Coastal Living


Celebrating life near the Shore — Sea Shells by the Seashore is Loving Coastal Living!  If you are in search of custom designs for beach weddings and other specialized sea-inspired creations then you’ve found the right place.  Whether you’re searching for a special Mermaid Hair Accessory, or an order of bulk crafting/decorating Sea Life, these fine folks are available to assist you.

This beautiful coastal store features coastal seaside artwork, driftwood art, mermaid jewelry as well as loose sea life such as sea shells, starfish, sand dollars and vintage coral pieces.


Driftwood and Sea Urchin Night Light

Visit Loving Coastal Living today…

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Beach-House-Decorating Ideas

Beach House Design Tips

Beach-House-Decorating Ideas

Beach House Design Tips & Ideas – Whether you live by the seashore or in some busy city, maritime inspired home décor has nowadays become quite popular with the modern homeowners. A beach themed home is a perfect option for those who can’t find enough time to make it to the beach, but have a penchant for nautical décor. Homeowners can easily bring the seaside feel inside their homes with splashes of bright and bold colors, sea-inspired accessories and beach house-style architecture.

Read more about selecting colors and textures, furniture and flooring, accessorizing and window treatments at

sea shell sorting ideas including vintage printer tray

Sea Shell Sorting Ideas

sea shell sorting ideas including vintage printer tray

Sea Shell Sorting Ideas – There’s nothing like an antique or vintage printers tray for storing and displaying sea shells or other tiny curiosities.

This weekend, with bella’s assistance, i played around with shells, a bit neglected in wooden bowls & jars all over the place. i love how they look piled into the little wooden sections along with a few other natural finds.

sea shell sorting ideas including vintage printer tray

I found this rustic old tray at bondi markets a few years ago. you can find them on ebay and etsy but postage is pretty expensive because of their weight.

Sea Shell Sorting Ideas
Sea Shell Sorting Ideas

bella always likes to get involved & inspect any changes before she gives her approval.   does your cat or dog do that?

Shell Sorting Ideas

See some other ways i’ve used vintage printers trays….here & here & here




faded charm
savvy southern style
romantic home
funky junk interiors




















Corallo Blue Coastal Dinnerware from Vietri

Catch Them While You Can – Vietri Coastal Dinnerware Sale

Vietri Dinnerware Sale


If you like AWESOME deals and you LOVE Vietri Coastal Dinnerware then now is the time to save 40% off the Corallo Collection.  Each piece is handmade in Nove, Italy of Italian stoneware with a new high-fired and durable crystalline glaze. Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. The durability of the stoneware will serve you well when taking to beach parties or backyard barbecues.

40% off the Corallo Collection

Vietri is retiring the collection, but there is quite a bit of stock available IF YOU ORDER SOON!!


Corallo Blue Large Round Platter


Corallo Blue Coastal Dinnerware from Vietri

Corallo Sand Serving Bowl

corallo white bowl

Corallo Blue Rectangular Handled Platter

Corallo Blue Coastal Platter from Vietri

Corallo Sand Salad Plate

Corallo White Salad Plate

Corallo Blue Serving Bowl

Corallo Blue Coastal Serving Bowl from Vietri


Plates are perfect for appetizers, desserts or a picnic on the beach.  Use the large platters for grilled shrimp or wrap up artfully arranged sandwiches for lunch the beach! The handled platters (our favorite!) make serving sliced meats, vegetables or cheeses a breeze.  The bowls can be filled with oatmeal or homemade soup.  The blue and white are a perfect nautical delight!

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Casual & Comfortable Beach House Sunroom

Casual & Comfortable Beach House

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Sunroom Casual & Comfortable Beach House Exterior

A Casual & Comfortable Beach House — Maybe it’s a bit too early to miss summer already, but I surely wish I was walking on a sandy beach at this moment. This beach house makes you want to live by the beach and be able to enjoy the ocean’s breeze every day of the year.

The interiors are bright and beautiful! With a coastal vibe in every room, this beach house certainly reminds you of sunny days spent at the shore and I especially love the large sun room and the small, but very efficient kitchen.

The perfect beach house for me is casual and comfortable and has no space for boredom. The decor should be fun and exciting and it should have a ‘coming into a beach house feeling’ where you know you’re going to have a good time.

Beach House

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Living Room

The living room feels collected and comfy at the same time.

Living Room

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Living Room

Beach houses should always have fun colors.


Casual & Comfortable Beach House Window Seat

Isn’t that window-seat perfect? Oh, I could stay there for hours…


Casual & Comfortable Beach House Window Seat

A great place to relax after a long day at the beach.

Sun Room

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Sun Room

The sun room (used as family room) is my favorite room in this house. It’s relaxed yet stylish.  Notice the windows!


Casual & Comfortable Beach House Kitchen

You don’t need too much space to have a fantastic kitchen. It’s all about planning it right and choosing beautiful elements.


Casual & Comfortable Beach Bedroom

I really like the simplicity of this bedroom.


Casual & Comfortable Beach Bathroom

Here’s the reason I’m always talking about choosing timeless materials. Nothing in this bathroom will look outdated for many years to come.

Guest Bedroom

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Bedroom

I don’t know why, but I love daybeds. This one has a classic look and goes perfectly with this coastal decor.


Casual & Comfortable Beach House garden

Can you pictures the kids running back and forth? :-)


Casual & Comfortable Beach House Ocean View

The beautiful ocean…

Don’t you also love this beach house? I loved the relaxed and colorful decor found here. It makes me miss summer and the days we spent at the beach.

I hope you’re having a great day and I hope you’re feeling happy, at peace and loved. But, if for any reason you aren’t, I hope this post can make you feel a little better. We all have difficult days, the important is to keep in mind we matter and we’re deserving of a great life. :-)

Have a Blessed day, my friends!


Luciane at


Article Source: Santa Barbara luxury homes via Nicety.

Hobbit House on Bainbridge Island in Washington

A Hobbit House on Bainbridge Island

Hobbit House on Bainbridge Island in Washington


A Bainbridge Island resident is building a 1,200 square foot hen house; which is a bit “hobbit like” in its appearance.  Chris Whited has previously built two cottages  on his large property so this is nothing new to him.



Mr. Whited got the idea for this structure while on a trip to Cannon Beach, OR.  He spotted a garden shed with an oddly sloped roof so when he got home, he decided to use the shed as a model for a very fancy chicken coop.

“The result was a quaint henhouse with a curved roofline and neatly trimmed windows.” “The neighbors call it a hobbit house, among other things,” Whited said.

{Read more at the Bellingham Herald }

I hope you’re having a lovely day…life’s a beach!


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