Casual & Comfortable Beach House Sunroom

Casual & Comfortable Beach House

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Sunroom Casual & Comfortable Beach House Exterior

A Casual & Comfortable Beach House — Maybe it’s a bit too early to miss summer already, but I surely wish I was walking on a sandy beach at this moment. This beach house makes you want to live by the beach and be able to enjoy the ocean’s breeze every day of the year.

The interiors are bright and beautiful! With a coastal vibe in every room, this beach house certainly reminds you of sunny days spent at the shore and I especially love the large sun room and the small, but very efficient kitchen.

The perfect beach house for me is casual and comfortable and has no space for boredom. The decor should be fun and exciting and it should have a ‘coming into a beach house feeling’ where you know you’re going to have a good time.

Beach House

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Living Room

The living room feels collected and comfy at the same time.

Living Room

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Living Room

Beach houses should always have fun colors.


Casual & Comfortable Beach House Window Seat

Isn’t that window-seat perfect? Oh, I could stay there for hours…


Casual & Comfortable Beach House Window Seat

A great place to relax after a long day at the beach.

Sun Room

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Sun Room

The sun room (used as family room) is my favorite room in this house. It’s relaxed yet stylish.  Notice the windows!


Casual & Comfortable Beach House Kitchen

You don’t need too much space to have a fantastic kitchen. It’s all about planning it right and choosing beautiful elements.


Casual & Comfortable Beach Bedroom

I really like the simplicity of this bedroom.


Casual & Comfortable Beach Bathroom

Here’s the reason I’m always talking about choosing timeless materials. Nothing in this bathroom will look outdated for many years to come.

Guest Bedroom

Casual & Comfortable Beach House Bedroom

I don’t know why, but I love daybeds. This one has a classic look and goes perfectly with this coastal decor.


Casual & Comfortable Beach House garden

Can you pictures the kids running back and forth? :-)


Casual & Comfortable Beach House Ocean View

The beautiful ocean…

Don’t you also love this beach house? I loved the relaxed and colorful decor found here. It makes me miss summer and the days we spent at the beach.

I hope you’re having a great day and I hope you’re feeling happy, at peace and loved. But, if for any reason you aren’t, I hope this post can make you feel a little better. We all have difficult days, the important is to keep in mind we matter and we’re deserving of a great life. :-)

Have a Blessed day, my friends!


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Article Source: Santa Barbara luxury homes via Nicety.



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