Sea Buoy Light Lamp

Favorite Find: Sea Bouy Lamp

The Luminaire Buoy Lamp was designed to create a durable outdoor light fixture which at the same time would look attractive indoors.  I believe the company has succeeded!

The Buoy Lamp is sold by Keha3 based in Estonia and can be hung to the wall of a building, placed in the corner of the garden, put on/or fixed to a pole.  The light fixture is designed to resist different weather conditions and looks beautiful in any beach environment.

The buoy lamp is designed by Margus Triibmann and are available with or without a net.  These lamps are currently available in Europe, however you may contact the company for information on shipping in other areas.



Buoy Light Fixture hanging on Wall

 The buoys glowing on a grassy meadow are beautiful, aren’t they?

Buoy Lamp Fixture group


Buoy Lamp Fixture with netting

Wouldn’t these be lovely incorporated into a beach wedding somehow?  Maybe they could light up the reception area…

Buoy Lamp Fixtures

Do you like the buoy light with or without the netting?

I’m leaning towards without the netting….and floating on water is my favorite!



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2 thoughts on “Favorite Find: Sea Bouy Lamp

  1. Kathy

    What a cool find. My favorite is with the netting but love them floating on water, also. Love the idea for a wedding reception!

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