sea shell sorting ideas including vintage printer tray

Sea Shell Sorting Ideas

sea shell sorting ideas including vintage printer tray

Sea Shell Sorting Ideas – There’s nothing like an antique or vintage printers tray for storing and displaying sea shells or other tiny curiosities.

This weekend, with bella’s assistance, i played around with shells, a bit neglected in wooden bowls & jars all over the place. i love how they look piled into the little wooden sections along with a few other natural finds.

sea shell sorting ideas including vintage printer tray

I found this rustic old tray at bondi markets a few years ago. you can find them on ebay and etsy but postage is pretty expensive because of their weight.

Sea Shell Sorting Ideas
Sea Shell Sorting Ideas

bella always likes to get involved & inspect any changes before she gives her approval.   does your cat or dog do that?

Shell Sorting Ideas

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  1. Heather

    Hi Cheryl. My Mr T (or TC as he’s more commonly known) reminds me of Bella – always sticking his nose (or paws) where he shouldn’t! ;-) I love what you’ve done with the shells, and it’s a great way of keeping your collection together. Cheers, Hx

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