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Home Security Tips

Enjoy Peace of Mind in a Tightly Secured Home

Eclectic Living Room design by Burlington Media And Blogs Tamar Schechner

 Everyone waits for the day to end so that they can reach the most relaxing place on the earth. Yes, it is none other than our sweet home where our loved one reside. The sweltering heat, shivering cold or heavy rain all disrupt our daily life but when we reach home we feel relaxed as it is the best shelter giving place. But now even this place is not regarded as a safe place. The number of crimes is booming by leaps and bounds and thus our home itself needs to be guarded from different kind of threats.

Today with developing technology mankind has come up with different products that have the capability of giving a tight security to our place. We can feel relaxed and stay in peace with our near and dear ones. ADT home security is one such security provider which offers you plenty of products and services. So, let us have a look at what this home security system have stored in for us:

  • ADT Fire and smoke detector: fire can devastate a place completely. But if it is protected with ADT fire or smoke detector it can be saved. Through the customer monitoring center the urgent message is passed to the regional fire department and action is taken within blink of eyes.
  • ADT Burglar Alarm: if someone breaks out at your place this burglar alarm from ADT with its instant signal will alert the home owner and police at the same time.
  • ADT Carbon Monoxide detector: the carbon monoxide gas can be a great danger as people die out of suffocation. With the detector of ADT you can easily give 24×7 protections to your home. An alarming signal will be transmitted to you as well as the ADT monitoring center.
  • ADT flood and temperature monitoring: floods and alteration in temperature can give a fatal effect to your home. The water of the flood can damage much stuff. So, ADT flood detector can prevent the detrimental effects. You can also get to know if there is any drop in the temperature with the ADT temperature detector.
  • ADT fast alarm service 24×7: this alarm will protect each and every part of your home and you will have secured home. The alarm will go on any signal of danger.
  • ADT medical alert system: this is also one of the best home security solutions as you get medical alert system. Some of the ADT trained professional will come at your help through a two-way voice intercom system.

There are many more home security solutions offered from ADT. One will feel secured with these products and services. Everything will be at an arm’s length. You just need to use your finger tips and your home will be free from intruders and other types of threats.

So, if you really love your family and don’t want them to be in danger then make sure you get hooked to ADT securities. This assures to give a tight security to your place and you can rest in peace.

Author Bio: Holly McLean is a home security consultant who has adequate knowledge about security loopholes. You can also know about various security equipment reading her write-ups.

Coastal Christmas Tree

Budget Friendly Home Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Coastal Christmas Tree


There’s nothing like a beautifully decorated home for the holidays. When you walk through the front door and see the greenery, the lights and other decorations that have been tucked away the entire year, it warms your heart and lifts your spirits. In these challenging financial times, holiday decor can be one of the many things you must sacrifice to make ends meet. But you don’t have to skip the holiday spirit to save money.

Sally Lee by the Sea Designs that Inspire A Beachy Chic Christmas!


These eight budget-friendly tips for holiday home decor on a shoestring will help you decorate your home without breaking the bank.

  • Repurpose.

Use items you already have to add to your decor. Empty jars can be used as tea light candle holders; group jars of different sizes in your living room, den or on your mantel.

  • Turn to Nature.

Collect pine cones, pine boughs and sprigs of winter berries and greenery to decorate your foyer table. Or, place nature items in a glass bowl or vase to add to a large bathroom vanity.

  • Inexpensive Paper Crafts.

Use leftover gift wrap or scrapbooking paper to cover empty boxes for inexpensive decor. Set one box on each step of a stairway for an eye-catching view.

  • Eye-Catching Centerpieces.

Pick up cheap Mardi Gras beads at the party store and wrap them around glass jars with candles on your dining room table. The light will reflect off the beads for a sparkling effect.

  • You’ve Got Mail.

String the Christmas cards you receive in the mail over the doorway or on your hallway wall.

  • Get Crafty.

Gather the kids and make a gingerbread house to decorate your table. Use upside down ice cream sugar cones for pine trees.

  • Transform Your Dining Area.

Glass Christmas ornaments can be found for next to nothing at your local thrift store. Fill glass bowls with them and add a string of battery-operated lights. The simplest decorations can breathe new life into a room until you have  home improvement loans to cover remodeling.

  • With a Can of Spray Paint…

Give your collected pine boughs and cones a different look by spray painting them with silver or gold metallic paint.

As much fun as it is to go shopping, making your own holiday decorations can be fun and rewarding. Get the whole family involved to combine time together with decorating your household. Besides creating a beautiful, welcoming holiday home, you’ll build memories that last a lifetime.

Peace Love Joy Simple Christmas

Simple. White. Christmas.


Dreaming of a simple natural white Christmas.

Hello.. It seems everyone is starting to think about Christmas.  Every year i plan on being organised early but somehow end up in a busy shopping mall on Christmas Eve!

Driftwood trees for a hot Australian Christmas

Stamped gift tags with tiny starfish

Potted driftwood – paint a terracotta pot white, fill with sand & shells. Tie on a nautical rope.

What kind of Christmas are you dreaming of?

Cheryl of Beachcomber

Handmade Coastal Christmas Filled Stocking

Handmade Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Nautical Compass Stocking ornament

Nautical Compass Rose Mini Scented Christmas Stocking


Support handmade this Coastal Christmas holiday season!  Each coastal Christmas ornament featured has been handmade by a hardworking artisan in the USA…no assembly lines here.

Each piece is handmade for you, so ordering your new Christmas ornaments should be done as early as possible.  Coastal ornaments also make wonderful and unique stocking stuffers, secret pal gifts or a hostess gift for all those holiday parties you’ll be attending.

{Simply click on each ornament title for more info}


Coral Beach Ornaments


SEA GLASS CHRISTMAS Ornament, beach decor, beach glass, nautical Christmas ornament.

Sea Glass Christmas Ornament

Starfish Christmas Ornament - Golfing Santa

Starfish Christmas Ornament – Golfing Santa


Coastal Inspired White Abalone Shell Ornaments- Great for Christmas

Coastal Inspired White Abalone Shell Ornament


Sea Glass Beach Glass Angels


Seashell Christmas Ornaments – Set of 3


Shell and Seahorse Ornament


 We feature even MORE coastal Christmas ornaments here…

Coastal Christmas Ornaments on Pinterest


 Life’s a beach,



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Mermaid coastal artwork

New Coastal Store Announcement: By the Seashore

Mermaid coastal artwork


Just in time for all your Coastal Christmas Shopping needs… By the Seashore has launched their new online store!  Readers can enjoy savings of 10% off all purchases through the end of the year….but only on their NEW store site.

By the Seashore is chock full of cast iron, mermaids, wall decor, driftwood, jewelry, seashell decor, pillows, recycled glass art as well as beach wedding goods.

Featured in the photo below is one of their new handmade recycled glass art pieces.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handmade item that you won’t find anywhere else. Shards of recycled glass are used to create each piece of artwork.   These handmade coastal art pieces would like beautiful hanging in a sun room in your beach house or sitting on a stand for display on a mantel, bookshelf or table.


 “Mermaid Relaxing in the Sun” Art Glass Mosaic 

By the Seashore Coastal Home Decor

“Swimming Blue Fish” Glass Mosaic

Swimming Blue Fish Recycled Art

By the Seashore was also recently featured in one of our Coastal Favorite Finds….

Their Coastal Christmas Globe is both unique and beautiful, don’t you agree?  They have added beautiful white sand, a starfish, some real white coral, a sea biscuit, a lettered olive, a limpet shell and a couple more shells.

By the Seashore Coastal Christmas Globe

Visit By the Seashore today for all your Coastal Christmas and everyday beach house needs!


8 Ways to Decorate with Oyster Shells


I fell in love with Oyster Shells several years ago when I found a huge pile of them on our local beach.  You may recall that I created an Oyster Shell Wreath (shown below) with them.  The neutral color palette which they provide matches in just about any decor, especially a beach house. They are the perfect option for incorporating some natural elements (very important) into your beach home interior.


{Click on title of each item for more info}

1. Oyster Shell Wreath

Oyster Shell Wreath


Oyster shells can be incorporated easily into your Autumn decorations too (why not use a garland as the centerpiece for Thanksgiving this year).  They can also be used for a Beachy White Christmas theme.  We simply love them for everyday use, how about you?


2. Oyster Shell Garland Centerpiece



3. Oyster Shell Mirror from Wisteria

4. Oyster Chandelier

5. Oyster Shell fireplace


6. Make an Oyster Shell Ball

7. Decorate with a Vintage Oyster Basket


8. An Oyster Shell Planter

How do YOU use oyster shells in your home?

Oyster Shell Pins on Pinterest


Life’s a beach,


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