Coastal Christmas Tree

Budget Friendly Home Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Coastal Christmas Tree


There’s nothing like a beautifully decorated home for the holidays. When you walk through the front door and see the greenery, the lights and other decorations that have been tucked away the entire year, it warms your heart and lifts your spirits. In these challenging financial times, holiday decor can be one of the many things you must sacrifice to make ends meet. But you don’t have to skip the holiday spirit to save money.

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These eight budget-friendly tips for holiday home decor on a shoestring will help you decorate your home without breaking the bank.

  • Repurpose.

Use items you already have to add to your decor. Empty jars can be used as tea light candle holders; group jars of different sizes in your living room, den or on your mantel.

  • Turn to Nature.

Collect pine cones, pine boughs and sprigs of winter berries and greenery to decorate your foyer table. Or, place nature items in a glass bowl or vase to add to a large bathroom vanity.

  • Inexpensive Paper Crafts.

Use leftover gift wrap or scrapbooking paper to cover empty boxes for inexpensive decor. Set one box on each step of a stairway for an eye-catching view.

  • Eye-Catching Centerpieces.

Pick up cheap Mardi Gras beads at the party store and wrap them around glass jars with candles on your dining room table. The light will reflect off the beads for a sparkling effect.

  • You’ve Got Mail.

String the Christmas cards you receive in the mail over the doorway or on your hallway wall.

  • Get Crafty.

Gather the kids and make a gingerbread house to decorate your table. Use upside down ice cream sugar cones for pine trees.

  • Transform Your Dining Area.

Glass Christmas ornaments can be found for next to nothing at your local thrift store. Fill glass bowls with them and add a string of battery-operated lights. The simplest decorations can breathe new life into a room until you haveĀ  home improvement loans to cover remodeling.

  • With a Can of Spray Paint…

Give your collected pine boughs and cones a different look by spray painting them with silver or gold metallic paint.

As much fun as it is to go shopping, making your own holiday decorations can be fun and rewarding. Get the whole family involved to combine time together with decorating your household. Besides creating a beautiful, welcoming holiday home, you’ll build memories that last a lifetime.



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