Driftwood Tree with Seashell ornaments

Driftwood Christmas Tree Ideas

Driftwood Christmas Tree on Wood


Let’s be extraordinary this year and create a driftwood Christmas Tree!? Doesn’t that sound like fun.  It is a fabulous way to use those pieces of wood you collected from all your beach adventures this year.  If you don’t have driftwood then it’s perfectly fine to substitute twigs and sticks.  If you want to try making your own then this Driftwood Tree Illustration may help you create your very own.

I was pondering about creating one for our front deck this year…well, maybe next year. :O)

Driftwood Christmas Tree with Shells


Driftwood Tree with Seashell ornaments


Whether created large or small, 3 dimensional or flat, you must admit that having a Christmas Tree made of driftwood is unique and a real conversation piece.


Driftwood Tree with electric tea lights


Large Driftwood Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Driftwood Tree for Holidays


driftwood christmas tree


Beach Christmas Tree girl


Driftwood Christmas Tree by The space between


Driftwood Tree


Driftwood Xmas Tree with lights and shells

Coastal Christmas Living Room

Driftwood Christmas Trees via Bing

Looking for more Coastal Christmas Inspiration?



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